Section 2 - Aftermath


Classified: Grade 1

Flagged Personnel: Aamir, Lincoln, Oliver, Petrov, Pyatt, Redinger, Sinjin

To: Members of the Section 2 Oversight Board
From: Code Name – Cherpakha, Oversight Board
Re: Andriy Ostrovsky, aka The Horseman of Death

As you are aware, I have a personal history with the Talent known as Andriy Ostrovsky. My undercover operation within his global arms-smuggling network that concluded some four years ago unfortunately left him alive, and insufficient efforts were made to hunt him down in the months prior to Yama’s Apocalypse. I theorize that Dr. Anthony Albright cultivated Ostrovsky and covertly protected him as an insurance policy against any vengeance I might choose to take against Albright. This is the only explanation that fits all the evidence available. Ostrovsky vanished from his reconstituted criminal network at around the same time that Albright was “reassigned.” We know that Albright continued to operate as the Center for another few months, pulling strings on Project Z and orchestrating Mad Talent activities for purposes still not clearly understood. During that period it would appear that Ostrovsky and “Reverend Carpenter” came into contact.

Ostrovsky was next seen “reinvented” as the Horseman of Death in McGrath and Carpenter’s apocalypse-drama. Ostrovsky’s unique and powerful Talent: the ability to perceive any and all individuals connected in his criminal network, along with all illegal commodities that have been “stained by his touch,” and to affect those items and those around them in limited ways. This Talent, once used to monitor and control a highly complex international smuggling operation, was now being used to kill individuals who came into contact with the products of his network. The thousands dying of mysterious drug overdoses, the other thousands dying of mysterious venereal diseases, all are connected in that the drugs and prostitutes involved were once smuggled through Ostrovsky’s criminal network.

During my undercover assignment, I was a lieutenant in his organization, and was therefore “stained by his touch.” I took precautions to interfere with his perceptions. It was brought to my attention through Section 2 Operations pre-coded alerts that Operative Petrov had reported that a sexual encounter turned deadly in a matter matching the VD plague. I made contact with her that same evening after familiarizing myself with her history. She also was once a smuggled commodity of Ostrovsky’s network, having been brought to the United States as a sex slave. Her Talents manifested in that context, but she remained accessible to Ostrovsky’s power. I gave her the same countermeasures I was using, and proceeded to gather a small team of trusted operatives with the goal of drawing Ostrovsky out and killing him.

The brainstorming and planning session with Operatives Pyatt, Redinger, Petrov, Oliver, and Aamir, along with my own assigned agents Sinjin and Lincoln, eventually came up with a plausible plan to threaten Ostrovsky’s network by simultaneously arranging key assassinations while approaching one of Ostrovsky’s key lieutenants who have been running the network in his absence with an offer of primacy. We chose Victor Aleksandrovich, the logistics officer, with a strategy that was surprisingly honest. After setting up the meeting via false pretenses, the plan was to immediately reveal who we really were, and reveal to Aleksandrovich that his boss was using the network to sow mass murder which is ultimately detrimental to his business. We would provide the Leavenworth Video as proof, demonstrate our effectiveness via the assassinations, aid him in killing Ostrovsky, and then leave him to reform the network under his leadership.

This plan proved successful. While Operatives Pretcha, Poe, Fischer and Hazdi coordinated the assassinations, we made our meeting. Operative Pyatt made our case. Aleksandrovich had already reached many of these conclusion, and upon agreeing to let us help him take over the network, Ostrovsky was alerted via one of his agents. He arrived after a few moments where I was able to place our resources to maximum effect. Ostrovsky came with the “ghosts” of the thousands he had killed, but upon successfully destroying him, the ghosts vanished. Operative Oliver, in her alter-ego as Samael, incinerated the corpse leaving nothing. Aleksandrovich himself departed before the battle and is presumably consolidating his position.

Operative Petrov has been given extensive files on the remaining organization. It is my belief that she will engage the network with an eye to destroying it, and may well recruit other Section 2 personnel to that cause. This is a “hobby” of hers, although I am well aware that destroying this network is ultimately to the benefit of Section 2, albeit not a high priority. If it can be accomplished off-the-books with off-duty personnel, all the better.



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