Section 2 - Aftermath

Operation Armageddon

Jerusalem, Israel

Leader: Aamir
Operator: Mitchell
Transport: Sandoval
Operatives: DeLuca, Ganeaux, Lynch, Odinson, Petrov

Primary Objective – Stage 1: Prepare Jerusalem for potential mad talent assault, ensure cooperation of antagonistic forces.

Primary Objective – Stage 1 Status: Completed

Primary Objective – Stage 2: Save and preserve Holy Sites and civilian population of Jerusalem

Primary Objective – Stage 2 Status: Completed

Summary: In anticipation of the destruction to American life and property should Omega Class Talent John McGrath be permitted to open the seventh seal of the book of Revelations, President Obama authorized Section 2 to engage in operations to assault McGrath’s compound in Ft. Leavenworth (see Operation Signpost, Operation Noble). Analysts determined that, should McGrath be forced to flee his stronghold in Kansas, there was an 86.565% probability that amidst the destruction of his followers, he would skip to Chapter 19 of Revelations and descend upon Jerusalem. Operation Armageddon was activated with the objective of organizing an American presence to integrate with the Nephilim defense plan and to enforce cooperation and compliance with a network of Muslim Talents who would also come to defend Jerusalem’s holy sites. Operative Aamir was already well-known to this network of Muslim Talents, and had already laid extensive groundwork to prepare them for apocalyptic assaults on holy sites (see Operation Conquest). As a result, he was selected to lead Operations Team to interact with Nephilim forces, with Muslim Talents under Egyptian Talent Hassan Ali, and to decide whether to permit the involvement of Ayatollah Muqtaqa al’Sadr of Iraq and his militia.

Al’Sadr has recently become one of those Shia holy men to be blessed with the words of the Occluded Imam, a theoretical mad Talent dedicated to the ideals and mythology of Shia Islam. His presence, along with thousands of mortal followers, could aid or hinder the defense efforts. Operative Aamir successfully negotiated cooperation between Ali’s Talent network and the Nephilim, and cautiously welcomed al’Sadr’s forces, permitting them to occupy the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque. Over the two days available for preparation, the allied forces negotiated a list of holy sites in order of importance. The plan would be for Transport Operative Sandoval to transport Operatives Ganeaux and Lynch to each site where Operative Ganeaux would physically transport entire buildings into her pocket dimension while Operative Lynch would shunt civilians and property into the future. This process would begin once McGrath appeared and it became apparent that the sites might otherwise come to harm. Operative Odinson was available to engage McGrath in the hope that it would delay him enough to permit more people and holy sites to be saved. Data surrounding the Odinson’s activities in Southern California and elsewhere led Section 2 analysts to hypothesize a certain degree of power fluctuation and instability the led them to believe that there was a 23.7% chance of the Odinson actually increasing in power sufficiently to at least delay a mad Talent of McGrath’s power.

Operative Lynch and the Nephilim concocted a plan to shunt hundreds of Israeli and Palestinian youth into the future prior to McGrath’s possible attack. The Nephilim also engaged in the mass distribution of cheap, internet enabled cellular phones to the citizenry, ostensibly as part of an “emergency broadcast network” (See Operation Lawnmower).

Immediately following the conclusion of Operation Noble, McGrath did indeed appear in the clouds above Jerusalem as the Rider on a White Horse from Revelations Chapter 19. He had seven crowns upon his head and drew a sword from his mouth and had 144,000 spirits in glowing white raiment with him. After suitable pomp and divine signs and portents including turning the entire city the color white, and during which Operative Team managed to remove more than six holy sites from danger, battle commenced between the Rider and the Odinson. The Odinson was almost immediately nearly slain but for a sudden surge of power, perhaps at the hands of the Occluded Imam, who emerged from al’Sadr and supported the Odinson through inspiration and healing, at first, and through direct conflict with the Rider.

During the battle in the skies, Operative Aamir, Hassan Ali and his Muslim Talents, and the Nephilim engaged the 144,000 on the Temple Mount. The glowing minions of McGrath were soon supplemented by thousands of Talent manifested carrion birds (see Revelations ch. 19).

The preservation squad, under the temporary command of Operative DeLuca, proceeded to salvage and secrete holy sites and Israelis civilians. Soon they found themselves engaged with elements of the 144,000 who had swept out throughout the city. Eventually, as the battle on the Temple Mount heated up, they returned to the thick of the fighting where they evacuated the surviving Talents, leaving McGrath, the Occluded Imam, and the Odinson to fight alone. Team then returned to salvaging holy sites. During this time, those citizens with cellular phones were evacuated from the city to the internet realm of the Spirit of the Internet.

The two mad Talents, and the Odinson, fought to a virtual standstill upon the Temple Mount. Operations team returned whereupon Operative Lynch called out in an attempt to awaken some part of McGrath that remembered his Marine corp training for World War 2. He succeeded enough to give McGrath a letter addressed to him personally by the President of the United States. This, perhaps combined with being seriously weakened by the Odinson’s destruction of his symbology, namely his crowns and the names emblazoned on his form, and perhaps being weakened by the Occluded Imam, prompted McGrath to resume his original form, complete with formal dress uniform, whereupon his head was crushed by the Odinson’s Hammer.

McGrath’s corpse was returned to Section 2 to await transport to a secure tertiary facility in anticipation of his resurrection. Operative Aamir, Lynch, and Ganeaux are on indefinite assignment to restabilize Jerusalem and return its citizens and holy sites to a semblance of order.



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