Section 2 - Aftermath

Operation Conquest

Jerusalem, Israel

Leader: Sawyer
Operator: Mills
Transport: Sandoval
Operatives: Aamir, Ganeaux, Pyatt, Redinger, Vasquez

Primary Objective: Negotiate alliance between Nephilim and Muslim Talents in the Dome of the Rock

Primary Objective Status: Completed

Secondary Objective: Support coordinated assault on the Horseman of Conquest and his followers

Secondary Objective: Completed

Tertiary Objective: Prevent Nephilim and Muslim Talents from engaging in opportunistic violence that would destabilize the region.

Tertiary Objective: Completed

Summary: Three days after John “Jesus” McGrath and Reverend Carpenter initiated their Mad Talent Protestant variant of the Apocalypse, the Horseman of Conquest appeared in Jerusalem leading an army of about a hundred minor Talent followers to retake the Temple Mount to initiate the arrival of the “New Jerusalem” of Revelation. Nephilim quick-response teams engaged, pinning Conquest and his followers in the Al Aqsa Mosque and attached Islamic museum. Due to the public and dramatic nature of Conquest’s arrival, news rapidly reached local Palestinian Talents, who got word to allied and affiliated Muslim Talents from an assortment of countries that the Dome of the Rock, the third most holy site in Islam, was under attack by “American Crusaders.” With surprising efficiency, this loose network of Muslim Talents coordinated transport to the Dome of the Rock implying a pre-arranged conspiracy to defend the Dome of the Rock, presumably against Israeli aggression. This resulted in a three-way standoff between the Nephilim, the assorted Muslim Talents, and the Horseman of Conquest, who seemed to possess the ability to transport limitless numbers of Talent faithful from Fort Leavenworth.

President Obama, in some late night phone-call diplomacy, got the Israeli government and an assortment of Muslim governments to accept a small team of American Talents to broker and insure coordination between the Muslim Talents in the Dome of the Rock and the Nephilim for the purpose of driving out or killing the Horseman of Conquest. It was deemed to be in America’s interest to distance the government from the agents of McGrath and Carpenter in a very visible commitment of support. The President held an unprecedented briefing with Section 2 leadership to make his wishes known.

Operations Team was assembled on short notice and briefed on the situation as it was unfolding. Operations Team’s primary objective was to broker and insure a ceasefire between the Muslim Talents and the Nephilim and coordinate a unified response to the Horseman of Conquest. Their secondary objective was to support the coordinated response in driving out or killing Conquest and his followers. Their tertiary objective was to ensure that, should the first two objectives be successful, that the victorious Nephilim and Muslim Talents did not fall upon each other opportunistically.

Team transported into the Nephilim staging area where they met with Commander Joseph Stein. He relayed to Team the official stance of the Nephilim and the Israeli government that they should extend all cooperation with the Team and work with the Muslims against their mutual foe. Commander Stein also informed Team that this official stance may prove difficult to enforce, as the Muslim Talent force contained a number of highly-wanted individuals, Talents who have been responsible for Israeli civilian casualties and other crimes against the State. Furthermore, there was insufficient trust that each side wouldn’t simply hold back to allow the other force to expend themselves against Conquest before moving in to mop up both groups.

Team sent Operative Aamir and Operative Pyatt into the Dome of the Rock where they met with Hassan Ali, a former Egyptian military Talent who had become the de-facto leader of the Muslim resistance. Ali revealed that, when he was part of Egypt’s covert Talent force, he had permitted the smuggling of the portable nuclear device into Gaza that was ultimately detonated by an Assamese mole, the same device which resulted in Operative Aamir’s Talent manifestation. He revealed that while he was not the Israeli’s primary concern, he ranked up there and there was little trust that the Nephilim wouldn’t simply hang back and let the Muslims expend themselves on Conquest. As far as the Muslims were concerned, they were there to defend the Dome of the Rock, not expel invaders from Israel.

Operative Pyatt provided the Muslim defenders with a small force of copies to support their position while Operative Aamir secured a formal agreement to coordinate the assault with the Nephilim under the assumption that the Americans would ensure that both parties committed to the assault. Operative Aamir the circulated amongst the assorted defenders seeking to convince them that, notwithstanding their grievances against Israel, there were greater threats to Islam waiting to assault its holy places, effectively seeding the defenders with a reason not to immediately turn on the Nephilim should an opportunity arise.

Team Leader Sawyer initiated a number of tactical decisions to weight any assault on Conquest in the favor of the three-pronged attack. Operative Pyatt and Operative Ganeaux engaged in a potent combination of their respective Talents to provide an instant army at need. Operative Team, supported by this instant army, engaged in a coordinated three-pronged attack on the Al Aqsa mosque along with the Muslim Talents and the Nephilim. The power, tactical capability, and planning of the three groups effectively neutralized Conquest’s followers, and a dedicated all-out assault resulted in Conquest’s death. Team Leader Sawyer, backed by a visible display of force by Operative Pyatt, successfully dissuaded further violence, and the Muslim Talents departed without further bloodshed. A Housekeeping Team was dispatched to take into custody all surviving American citizens and to coordinate with Israeli authorities on forensics and cleanup.



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