Section 2 - Aftermath

Operation Lawnmower

San Jose, CA

Leader: Redinger
Operator: N/A
Transport: Andreson
Operatives: Cross-Sawyer, Ganeaux, Kwasniewski, Lynch, Odinson, Thompson, Yaghmaie

Primary Objective: Integrate the Spirit of San Jose into the global internet

Primary Objective Status: Completed

Summary: In 1994, then-Director of Operations Sophia Ivanova made the decision to connect the proprietary, self-aware and sentient Section 2 computer system to the emerging internet with the aim of control and domination of this emerging technology. The Section 2 AI was the result of decades of hyper-brains and other Talent programmers and it rapidly dominated the internet covertly. As a non-human sentience, it was capable of thinking in ways no human could think. It could fragment its own intellect into sub-intellects, some of which may not even be aware they were part of a larger intellect. It could segregate knowledge, copy parts of its mind, delete other parts, and was for a decade an extremely effective method for monitoring global information.

As the internet grew exponentially, however, and as more and more data from more and more countries became connected, and as other proprietary AI’s developed and were in turn consumed/subsumed, the already-alien globe-spanning intelligence became more and more inscrutable. While the part of the computer system that operated Section 2 remained, as far as could be determined, loyal, the parts of the AI working in China or other countries were equally loyal to those other countries. The overarching goals of the AI became impossible to predict or determine. Furthermore, as a wholly-artificial sentience, the AI had no particular defense against Talents who could control machine intelligences.

Section 2 had been in contact with a mad talent in San Jose who existed in a self-created perception of the internet as of 2006, with additional perceptions via electronics and electrical networks, regardless of whether they were still functional in reality. Through extended contact, a psychological profile was created of this mad talent that led Section 2 to believe that, notwithstanding its belief that it was a purely digital intelligence, it retained residual human morality and motivations. Operations Team was briefed that the San Jose Talent might be a method of mass evacuation of American citizens should an emergency of that scope occur, but that it would first need to be convinced to expand its artificial sense of control over an illusory, entirely Talent-created false internet nationwide. Deputy-Director of Diplomacy Amelia Sawyer (nee Cross) was put in charge of negotiating with the San Jose Talent while the rest of the team was charged with “stress testing” the alternate, digital world into which the San Jose Talent could bring people. This briefing was only partially true, and given as a cover while all involved were still connected to the Section 2 AI. Once within the San Jose Talent’s alternate digital universe, Nephilim Operative Hanna Kwasniewski joined the Operations Team and she and Negotiator Sawyer engaged in the mission’s true primary task which was to convince the San Jose Talent that it was not, in fact, living in a contemporary internet, that an “Internet 2.0” existed out there which it should move into and occupy, and incidentally absorbing or destroying the former AI that controlled the internet.

This task was successful. The AI, however, had seeded the internet with “psychological traps,” files of dangerous philosophy with the San Jose Talent specifically in mind. These traps manifested within the San Jose Talent’s virtual mindscape as dangerous entities with Operations Team was required to engage to defend the San Jose Talent and Operative Kwasniewski as they jointly began bridging his intellect into the real internet.

Operations Team succeeded. The San Jose Talent assimilated the combined knowledge of the internet, supplanting the AI that had held that position before. Unfortunately Operative Kwasniewski’s digital form was inextricably melded with the San Jose Talent.



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