Section 2 - Aftermath

Operation Midion's Wrath

Springfield, Nebraska

Leader: Aamir
Operator: Ivanoff
Transport: Ivanoff
Operatives: DeLuca, Fenton, Oliver, Petrov, Vasquez

Primary Objective: Eliminate Torches of Gideon Leadership and Transport Capability

Primary Objective Status: Completed

Summary: The Torches of Gideon are a small but organized domestic terrorist organization operating within an extended network of supporters within fringe Protestant congregations. Their goal is the overthrow of the secular United States government in order to “return” to a Nation “Under God.” They countenance any means to justify their ends. They have previously been a fairly low priority. Section 2 leaves them to the FBI or Secret Service. Only when they engage in significant operations of political assassination has Section 2 intervened. On one such mission to protect Senator Richard Riker (R, Iowa), Operative team uncovered one of the Torches primary covert communications methods (Operation Clay Jar). This intelligence break permitted Section 2 to thoroughly infiltrate the Torches communications, monitoring it in a more ongoing basis.

The threat-profile of the Torches increased significantly after the rise of John “Jesus” McGrath and Reverend Carpenter in Fort Leavenworth. Section 2 surveillance watched Torches communication carefully to see how these events would impact the group. There was a schism, with the majority of Torches accepting McGrath as an “American-born” Christ-returned while a minority considered McGrath to be an “antichrist” cloaked in the skin of the “lamb.” The majority planned a major operation targeting the US Supreme Court (Operation Shattered Jar) which Section 2 risked their surveillance advantage to foil. The real coup came, however, when Frank Silas, one of the two most influential Torches and one of their hyper-charismatics, defected to Section 2 custody. He was part of the minority who believed his organization had been subverted by an antichrist, and in exchange for protection and immunity, gave up all information he had on the organization.

His information accorded with Section 2’s extensive intelligence and surveillance assets sufficiently to trust the key data, namely the fact that the most powerful remaining Torches, including the three remaining leaders and all three members capable of logistical transport, would be meeting for a single, large operation to attempt to transport McGrath, Carpenter, and all 10,000+ of their followers into the heart of Jerusalem to bring about the “New Jerusalem” of their apocalyptic beliefs. Silas’s opinion, along with the Directorate of Intelligence, believed that the surviving Torches organization wanted to have one spectacular success before simply folding into McGrath’s larger organization.

Operations Team was assembled and given all available intelligence on the meeting of the leadership cell and the transportation cell in the obscure town of Springfield, Nebraska where they were going to have a quick meeting before moving as a group to Fort Leavenworth. Team assembled and executed an assault plan that resulted in 100% enemy casualties and 0 friendly casualties or collateral damage, effectively bringing to an end the Torches of Gideon as a going concern.



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