Section 2 - Aftermath

Operation Noble

Rural Idaho / Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

Leader: Pyatt
Operator: Mills
Transport: Keffer / Ivanoff / Sandoval
Operatives: Oliver, Redinger, Vasquez, Yaghmaie

Primary Objective – Stage 1: Monitor and assist infiltration and subversion of the Aryan Nation

Primary Objective – Stage 1 Status: Completed

Primary Objective – Stage 2: Support Aryan Nation in assault on Fort Leavenworth

Primary Objective – Stage 2 Status: Completed

Summary: Mad Talents Private John McGrath and Reverend Carpenter had been engaged in “sealing the 144,000”, a process necessary before the Seventh Seal can be broken unleashing the Seven Trumpets and other, intensely destructive acts from the Book of Revelation. The “seal” involved Talent operatives of McGrath escaping the quarantine at Ft. Leavenworth having been “granted the seal,” the ability to confer a specific Talent effect on anyone deemed sufficiently faithful in the belief that McGrath is Christ returned. The “seal” confers significant defenses against any Talent that might interfere with the sealed individual’s faith and free will. Presumably, once 144,000 individuals throughout the United States received this seal, McGrath could continue with his apocalyptic narrative.

The Aryan Nation is a paranoid, militant, racist sect based out of significant acreage in rural northeastern Idaho. They run “churches” with congregations nation-wide. They were nearly bankrupted in the late 1990’s through aggressive lawsuits brought by States’ attorneys, but after Yama’s Apocalypse, recruitment and monetary donations swelled once again. The Aryan Nation leadership had come to believe that McGrath was the “white Jesus” they were waiting for, the messiah who would do away with the African-blooded President Obama and rule the United States according to the principles of the Aryan Nation. As a result of this intense ideology, a number of “pastors” of the Aryan Nation had been “sealed” by operatives of McGrath and Carpenter, including a dangerous Ohio “pastor” named James Riesler. Section 2 abducted Riesler and conducted experiments on the nature of the “seal” as well as subjecting him to the Talents of Ms. Hsu Xiaofeng, a potent Talent under the care and supervision of Dr. Jameson Townsley.

As a result of these experiments, an Operations Team was assembled. Their task was to oversee the infiltration of Ms. Hsu into the Aryan Nation compound in Idaho during their conference to select a successor to their long-term leader Mr. Aaron Suntz. This conference was also to oversee the mass “sealing” of Aryan nation loyalists by Carpenter’s agents. As a result, well over a thousand members would be present. Ms. Hsu, who was captured in Shenzhen last year (see “Operation Legion”), has a potent combination of Talents that permit her to copy her personality into anyone she touches. That person retains their skills and memory, and gains limited Talent capabilities. Under the direction of Dr. Townsley, Ms. Hsu developed the ability to also, as desired, copy a touched individual’s skills, memories, and even Talents into herself. She absorbed the knowledge of Pastor Riesler and was given his appearance by Operative Mornay.

Operations Team set up a surveillance perimeter around the Aryan Nation’s compound. Ms. Hsu spent the majority of three days carefully copying her personality into Aryan loyalists, starting with the mid-level leadership and going with the rank and file thereafter. The leadership itself was protected by three Talents, including a teleporter. Once sufficient Aryans were compromised, Ms. Hsu was instructed to attempt to compromise these Talents, starting with the Teleporter. Ms. Hsu successfully got her alter ego, Pastor Riesler, selected as the heir-apparent to the Aryan Nation leadership.

Carpenter’s agents arrived for the “sealing” but had difficulty making it stick to the Aryans, due apparently to their subverted mentality. Ms. Hsu was nearly uncovered, but managed to convince the Aryan leadership that it was Carpenter’s agents who were the infiltrators. The agents were subdued and killed, and subsequently convinced the three Talents to willingly submit to her own Talent under false pretenses. This gave her the memories, skills, and Talents of the Aryan Nation leadership, whereupon the rest were rapidly subverted.

This constituted success of Stage 1 of the Operation. This opened contingency file 2a.6.03, and two secondary Operations Teams were activated (see below and see file “Operation Armageddon”). Operations Team ascertained the continued loyalty of Ms. Hsu whereupon they were informed of President Obama’s Executive Order authorizing Section 2 and the United States Military to begin joint operations against the quarantined compound in Fort Leavenworth. Operations Team was ordered to support Ms. Hsu and her army of 1,423 well-armed Aryan paramilitary pseudo-Talents in a staged teleportation / infiltration into Fort Leavenworth to stage a full-scale assault.

The subverted leadership of the Aryan Nation contacted agents of Carpenter claiming a desire to arrive in Fort Leavenworth for “baptism.” Upon getting permission, Ms. Hsu and her subverted teleporter systematically transported Operations Team and all subverted militants into Fort Leavenworth. It was then ascertained that Ms. Hsu’s Talent was insufficient to subvert the faith of the local Talent population whereupon a full-scale assault began. Operatives Redinger and Pyatt seeded the encampment with large numbers of high explosives and continued to keep the estimated 8,000-10,000 minor Talents from effectively orchestrating an assault against the better-trained and better-armed Aryan Nation pseudo-talents. Operative Vasquez anchored the Aryan Nation assault and protected Ms. Hsu while providing large-scale healing support to the wounded combatants. Operative Yaghmaie collapsed the already-damaged prison, killing or trapping those inside including McGrath while Operative Oliver, in her Samael form, ambushed and killed Reverend Carpenter. The assault was quick and decisive, as necessary before McGrath could join the fray, which he ultimately did, bursting forth from the collapsed prison. Operations Team extracted back to Idaho leaving Samael to engage in personal combat with McGrath. Section 2 Intelligence Analysis deemed there to be a 87% chance that, when faced with an “antichrist” mad Talent and properly prepared, that Samael would once again “scale” upward to Mad Talent levels of power much like he did when facing Lt. James Hansen in Lester, Saskatchewan. This analysis was proven correct.

Section 2 surveillance observed the apocalyptic fight between Samael and the “Lamb,” McGrath’s monstrous current form. This fight effectively killed all remaining combatants within Fort Leavenworth and leveled all buildings. Samael appeared to be losing, and so contingency file 2a.6.07 was activated along with the secondary Operations Team, consisting of Operative Riggs and Operative Tomoji. Operative Riggs transported Operative Tomoji into Fort Leavenworth whereupon Operative Tomoji activated his Talent, detonating with the force of a small neutron bomb, whereupon he was immediately retrieved once more by Operative Riggs.

Once surveillance was re-established, only Samael remained, hovering, and immense in size (est. 300 feet tall). Operative Team returned to the rubble whereupon Team Leader Pyatt talked Samael down and convinced him to return control to Operative Oliver.

McGrath was not destroyed, but took the bait seeded via his returned agents and “new converts” (see Operation Signpost) and fled from his destroyed base at Fort Leavenworth to Jerusalem. (For subsequent data, see Operation Armageddon)



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