Section 2 - Aftermath

Operation Olive Branch

Camp David

Leader: Ming
Situation Leaders: Aamir, Pyatt
Operators: Mills, Mitchell
Transport: Andreson, Keffer, Riggs, Sandoval
Operatives: D’Antoni, DeLuca, Destino, Dupre, Felton, Fischer, Ganeaux, Han, Lynch, Mornay, Odinson, Oliver, Petrov, Poe, Redinger, Thompson, Townsley, Vasquez, Yaghmaie

Primary Objective: Protect Operative Ganeaux from assassination or abduction

Primary Objective: Completed

Secondary Objective: Support President Obama’s diplomatic agenda and protect his person

Secondary Objective: Completed

Summary: In the aftermath of Operation Armageddon, Section 2 had in its possession the twenty most important sacred sites in the city of Jerusalem. President Obama initiated a peace initiative wherein he would bring to the negotiating table representatives of the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority, as well as other regional powers and interested parties, to discuss the framework for a lasting peace in Palestine as a precondition for returning these sacred buildings and relics. Section 2 mobilized significant resources, led by Director Ming herself, to ensure that Operative Ganeaux, who had the sacred sites miniaturized and on her person, would remain alive and unmolested and that, further, the President’s agenda and person would remain safe.

Operatives Vasquez and Ganeaux swapped appearances with the aid of Operative Mornay. The decoy Ganeaux was assigned a team of operatives while the real Ganeaux was part of the President’s direct security team. Operative Pyatt oversaw the perimeter defenses as a situation-leader while Operative Aamir took part in negotiations as a known-party to many of the representatives and acted as situation-leader in the negotiating area. Operative Felton remained phased and underground with his “head of abaddon” relic capable of broadcasting precognitive visions.

The first day proceeded as an exercise in identifying all the Talents brought by all parties secreted around Camp David and ensuring that all agents and elements were accounted for. The second day began with all parties laying their bargaining positions and agendas before the others. At the conclusion of the first day’s worth of meetings and discussions, Operative Felton’s head projected into the minds of select Operatives a detailed vision of events that would occur at 1800 hours the following day. This vision portrayed Ayatollah Muqtaqa al Sadr, who was present for the discussions on behalf of his men trapped within the Dome of the Rock, as well as on behalf of the “Occluded Imam,” a potent Shia mad talent, becoming fed up with the slow pace of proceedings. He accused the United States of holding religion itself hostage, whereupon the Occluded Imam emerged from him and forcibly took the Dome of the Rock from the real Operative Ganeaux, as well as taking her Talent power and vanishing. The vision showed the violent chaos that would erupt from such an event, as well as certain opportunistic acts that would likely result in the deaths of the Prime Minister of Israel among others.

Section 2 Operatives discussed with Director Ming possible courses of actions that ranged from pre-emptive violence to diplomacy with certain or many factions. Analysis indicated that the Dome of the Rock is not as sacred a site to Shia Islam as it is to Sunni Islam, and that this may well be a play by the “Occluded Imam” to win the hearts and minds of Sunni Muslims throughout the middle east. The Operatives eventually settled on a suggested course of action for the President. They suggested that he approach the Israeli and Palestinian groups with a good-faith proposal that if they could agree on a joint statement, signed and subsequently announced via news conference, that each group acknowledges and is committed to the other side’s right to exist, that the United States would return the Dome of the Rock, the Western Wall, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

The next morning, it became clear that the President had been engaged in some “back room” discussions during the night as the Israelis and Palestinians set to with gusto, and the jam of the previous day seemed to have been broken. As the morning progressed, however, the unholy head gave forth another vision, this time of a strike-team of Arabic-looking Talents teleporting in to abduct the false Operative Ganeaux. The vision included the subsequent violence, and the eventual demise of Operative Vasquez masquerading as Ganeaux. Careful attention to this vision revealed to some that this may well be an Odal Rune strike force. Discussion of how to deal with this incoming attack again resulted in a diplomatic solution. Operative Pyatt contacted a representative of the Odal Rune, revealed he was aware of the coming attack, and negotiated the attack away.

The diplomatic solution to the larger problem resolved itself according to the suggestions provided. In front of reporters, the Prime Minister of Israel and the President of the Palestinian Authority, backed by President Gamal Mubarak of Egypt and others, acknowledge a commitment to the two-state solution and the outlines of future negotiated agreements over such controversial issues as the administration of Jerusalem, the right of return for Palestinian refugees, and a land swap for the new Palestinian state to make up for Israel’s absorption of the Gaza Strip and other settlements.

Operative Ganeaux, supported by extensive Section 2 Operatives and the time-dilation talents of Operative Redinger and a team of surveyors were able to return to their proper place and orientation the three aforementioned sites, with an outline for returning the rest as negotiations proceed.



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