Section 2 - Aftermath

Operation Shattered Jar

Annapolis, Maryland

Leader: Sawyer
Operator: Mitchell
Transport: Andreson
Operatives: Felton, Ganeaux, Lynch, Yaghmaie, Vasquez

Primary Objective: Find and Eliminate Torches of Gideon assassination cell

Primary Objective Status: Completed

Summary: The Torches of Gideon are a domestic protestant terrorist organization that takes their inspiration from the Biblical tale of Gideon, where a small number of covert operatives, blessed by Yahweh, obliterated a far superior foe. They believe that the United States is a Christian nation, and they pursue their agenda via grass-roots political activism and even assassination.

In the wake of the mid-term elections the country is even more polarized than ever. Americans are scared, believing that their government can do little to protect them against rampaging Mad Talents. The Torches of Gideon have thrown in their lot with John “Jesus” McGrath and Reverend Carpenter, updating their ideology to not only make the US a politically Christian nation, but also including the desire to place McGrath into the Presidency. Due to previous operations against the Torches, Section 2 had significant intelligence assets infiltrated into their network. A significant cell of up to six Torches Talents, supported by up to a hundred non-Talent sympathizers began making their way to Annapolis, Maryland as a staging ground for an assassination strike into Washington D.C. The presumed target was either President Obama or the Supreme Court. Operations Team was assigned the duty of tracking down the Torches of Gideon Talents and killing or capturing them before they could put their plan into motion.

Team transported to Annapolis and set up a temporary base in a storage facility. Computer searches and phone calls by Operative Vasquez, coupled with footwork by Operative Ganeaux tracked down at least two different congregations in Annapolis that were holding suspicious prayer meetings that night. While they worked, Operative Felton constructed a precognitive talisman that no only confirmed Operative Ganeaux’s information, but provided sufficient details to develop a plan of attack.

Initial attempts to set traps that would later affect the fight were noticed by Torches of Gideon sympathizers and effectively foiled. Operative Felton’s talisman, however, permitted the plan to change such that all five of the known Torches Talents would be disposed of. A coordinated attack upon the enemy as they were clustered in a church stairwell effectively eliminated the opposition with minimal damage to the Team. They returned to Section 2 with two Torches of Gideon prisoners and left local law enforcement to arrest the fifty-seven sympathizers remaining in the church due to Operative Lynch’s Talent.



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