Section 2 - Aftermath

Operation War

Line of Control, Jammu and Kashmir

Leader: Deluca
Operator: Mitchell
Transport: Keffer
Operatives: Lynch, Oliver, Petrov, Yaghmaie

Primary Objective: Negotiate ceasefire commitment between Talent forces of India and Pakistan along the line of control.

Primary Objective Status: Completed

Secondary Objective: Support joint Indian and Pakistani Talent task force in assaulting the Horseman of War and his followers, kill the Horseman of War.

Secondary Objective: Completed

Tertiary Objective: Prevent Indian and Pakistani Talents from engaging in opportunistic violence that would destabilize the region.

Tertiary Objective: Completed

Summary: The Horseman of War, formerly Operative Daniel Summers of Section 2, appeared with about a hundred minor Talent followers in the contested region of Jammu and Kashmir. They assaulted military positions on both sides of the line of control, abducting Indian and Pakistani military personnel apparently at random. The Horseman of War declared that these captives would be taken to the “Plain of Armageddon” to fight a proxy battle of champions. The winning side would then have War and an army of thousands of Talents at their disposal to annihilate their foes.

The mere threat that either India or Pakistan may end up with thousands of fanatical Talent allies was enough to mobilize both militaries to the line of control. Both country’s military Talent personnel heightened their alert status. President Obama, in a series of “phone-call diplomacy” sessions, got the governments of both countries to agree that since the instigator was an American citizen, that America should step in and broker and insure a ceasefire and coordinated response to War.

Operations Team was tapped to travel to Kargil where they met with Colonel Rishi Dharma of the Indian military and Colonel Muhammad Bhatt of the Pakistani military. Team shuttled back and forth negotiating the delicate situation of numbers and logistics as well as the potency of individual “talents of concern” that both sides possessed and were able to enforce a commitment that neither side would use the assault on War as an opportunity to engage in operations against the other.

Team and a combined force of Indian and Pakistani Talents assaulted the camp of War and his hundred followers. The followers were mostly American civilians with minor Talents while War himself had not notable military acumen. The assault was forceful and one-sided and War was slain. It appears that this has doomed the combatants within his extra-dimensional “Plain of Armageddon” but both India and Pakistan considers this acceptable losses.

Team then convinced both sides to forego any opportunism. Both sides withdrew to their respective sides of the Line of Control and Team returned to the facility.



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