Aamir ibn Raahil ibn alā Hadir aal-Filisteeni

Operative Grade 4, Directorate of Operations, Section 2


Aamir is an attractive 20 year old Arab male whose hair is often uncut. On the rare occasions where he is “clean cut” it is obvious that he is attempting to grow a beard, but due to his young age it is not very impressive. His manner is reserved and withdrawn with most people. Aamir speaks with an accent that is clear but appears to understand English well.


Little is known about Aamir’s time prior to section two. It is clear that he is a devote Muslim. The known story concerning Aamir is one that raises a few eyebrows. On the first fly over the Gaza strip after its destruction at the hands of Lord Yama the American pilots were shocked to see a naked man wandering the ruins. This man was led out of the radioactive area and identified himself as Aamir ibn Raahil ibn alā Hadir aal-Filisteeni. True to his name, Aamir proved to be quite civilized and cooperated with his captors/saviors from section two. He was healthy with the exception of some minor dehydration and spent a great deal of time being debriefed.

Aamir ibn Raahil ibn alā Hadir aal-Filisteeni

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