Alice Nielsen

Operative Grade 5, Special recruit for Section 2


Primary Talent: Classified

Secondary Talent: Translator

Primary Skill: Observation and communication

Secondary Skill: Alice makes very good sandwiches.


Age: approximately 30

Alice has no public history, no family and her Nationality is listed as ‘British’. She has a German accent but speaks American English, is 5’ 9” tall, has light blue eyes, reddish brown hair and is physically unremarkable.

Ms. Nielsen was supposedly brought into field operations for Section 2 after an offhand remark by Tanya Weiss, rumored to be along the lines of ‘making certain people permanently stupid would be nice’. A sealed report recovered from Odal Rune in 2006 references the town of Schaentzel and eight names; a list of people who are allegedly ‘permanently retarded’ after some type of controlled experiment in a field study.

She has an odd tendency to change her accent and speech patterns to match whomever she is talking with if she doesn’t know them well, which is part and parcel of her linguistic talent- universal translation. Along with her skills of perception and language is a surreal, tangible aura of sang-froid that is almost at odds with her passive demeanor.

Alice Nielsen

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