Anya Petrov

Operative Grade 5, Directorate of Operations, Section 2


Sex: Female

Nationality: Russian

Age: 17

Education: Some High School

Primary Talent: Limb Removal

Secondary Talent: Regeneration

Anya is a slim, attractive young woman, with brown eyes and hair that varies between bright red and nearly black depending on her whims. She stands 5’4”, about 110 lbs and appears quite young. A bit reclusive and reticent to talk about her background, she is known to have a bit of a temper. Despite her slim build, she can handle herself in a fight.


Anya is a relatively recent recruit to Section 2, with only a few missions under her belt. While little is known about her time prior to Section 2, common rumors suggest she was connected in some fashion to the Russian mob on the east coast of the US.

She seems to change her style constantly, and spends most of her free time out and about in Vegas.

Anya Petrov

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