Former Section 2 Prisoner Gone Native

  • Name: Bataar, AKA Olawe
  • Nationality: Mongolian
  • Political Affiliation: Amazon Indigenous Tribal
  • Education: Secondary School
  • DOB: 7-18-1976
  • DOD: -
  • Known Parahuman Abilities: Bataar can survive anywhere, rapidly absorbing any and all information required to eke out an existence in pretty much any environment. Since his escape/release he also has exhibited an unnatural degree of empathy and charisma.

Bataar was once a Mongolian nationalist, operating in various anti-Chinese illegal ventures before he was forced to flee. He chose India, where he fell in with the RSS who utilized his survival talents and his anti-Chinese inclinations to infiltrate and sabotage Chinese military targets. In early 2005, Section 2 engaged in an operation in China that resulted in the effective defection of a number of Chinese Talents including Lee Ann Ming and Han Xiao Ping. Bataar was one of those captured. Unlike the others, he was deemed by Dr. Anthony Albright to be mentally unfit for Operative status, citing an unusual degree of suggestibility coupled with a strong nationalistic urge that would be hard to overcome. He was transferred to a secondary containment facility. In 2006 he was listed as deceased by Section 2 Medical Operative Anthony Murphy.

In 2010, Operatives investigating a Mad Talent in the Amazon rainforest discovered Bataar, operating under the tribal name Olawe, advising and, presumably, subtly manipulating the Mad Talent. Bataar described a mental and almost spiritual renewal as a result of nearly a year of regular conversations with Dr. Albright. So far as he knew, he was merely released and let go.


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