Daniel Summers

Deceased AWOL Operative, Horseman of War


Daniel was an athletic looking 16 year old boy. He normally dressed in baggy clothing that was slightly out of fashion and often exhibited mannerisms more suited to an adult.

Daniel had the ability to fly, had access to an extra-dimensional space, and had been known to assault opponents with strange lights that tended to cause more disorientation than damage.


At age 12, Daniel’s parents were killed when their yacht was hijacked. He disappeared soon afterwards and didn’t reappear for several years.

After his reemergence he began a violent campaign targeting hijackers, kidnappers, and organizations with histories of abusing human rights. Before joining Section 2 he was involved in open conflict with third world countries (particularly those with a history of abusing human rights) and was suspected of killing a number of human rights violators around the world.

Summers was highly suggestible with a strong loyalty to Dr. Anthony Albright. After Albright was “indefinitely reassigned” Summers became less and less stable. When Albright’s “Project Z” deep-conditioning began to activate, Summers fled Section 2 and activated Reverend Carpenter, traveling with him to Leavenworth to free John “Jesus” McGrath. The impressionable Summers became one of McGrath’s followers, and was eventually converted into the “Horseman of War” during McGrath and Carptenter’s apocalyptic transformation. Summers / War was killed by Section 2 operatives in Kashmir.

Daniel Summers

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