Dashiell Lincoln

Talent Medic, Oversight Special Agent, Section 2


Dashiell is an athletic male with a clean shaven head and dark green eyes. He stands approximately 6’2", 210 lb. and is 35 years in age. He is the first to admit the his is a jock and not a brain when it comes to his skillset. He tends to have a law enforcement aura to him that he tries his best to shake off when he has downtime.

Talent: He is a regenerative individual that can apply the benefits of this powers to anyone he touches. He can also sense living life forms around him, in a short range.


Dashiell indeed lived a very charmed life until his father (a prominent judge in San Fransico) and mother were murder. It was then when he first met a US Marshal and decided what he wanted to do with his life. He applied as soon as he was of age.

With his years of experience working as a US Marshal, when his Talent powers manifested, one would assume that Dashiell would be a great asset to the Department of Justice. Due to the classified events that occurred during his Talent manifestation and backroom politics, he was transfered to Section 2, given a new name and now no longer exist to the outside world as who he was before. As long as he can protect the innocent from those who will do them harm he is fine with his transfer.

Lincoln came to the attention of the member of Oversight code-named Cherpakha. He was tapped to transfer to the top-secret personal staff of Oversight where his rank and title are classified.

Dashiell Lincoln

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