Hope Landon

Operative Grade 4, Directorate of Operations

  • Name: Hope Landon
  • Nationality: United States
  • Political Affiliation: None
  • Education: GED
  • DOB: 4-13-1988
  • DOD: -
  • Known Parahuman Abilities: Hope Landon possesses a powerful disintegration Talent.

Seventeen year old Hope Landon got in a fight with her parents about her developing relationship with a boy at school. Tempers flared, and suddenly, so did her Talent. In a blink of an eye, her parents, and most of their house, was a fine dust.

She was recruited from the psychiatric ward of a hospital in Phoenix where regular therapy and constant training has made her an adequate field operative.

She has, understandably, a very ambivalent relationship with her powers.

Hope Landon

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