Joshua Redinger

Operative Grade 4, Field Operative, Section 2


Sex: Male

Nationality: American

Age: 28

Education: BA Degree (Education) – Boston College

Primary Talent: Personal temporal displacement which has translated into the following manifestations:

  • Appearance of increased coordination.
  • Acceleration of personal timescale granting extended limitations in various physical and mental tasks.
  • Accelerated perceptions.

Secondary Talent: Hyperadvanced marksmanship and defensive techniques

  • NOTATION: Increased use of temporal displacement abilities has caused targets of subject’s marksmanship to be disoriented
  • FURTHER NOTATION: Further tests indicate that temporal displacement may render some forms of armarment null.

Omega Talent: Classified.

Primary Skills: Marksmanship, Self Defense

Secondary Skills: First Aid, Emergency Services Training (Fire)

Physical Description: Height – 5’ 11”, Weight – 195 lbs. Joshua is an attractive young man of atheletic build, light brown/blond hair and blue eyes. Displays a quiet confidence in professional situations yet tends toward a shy and self-concious demeanor in social situations.


DOB: 07/23/1979

Joshua Redinger was born and raised in a devoutly protestant german/irish family in Boston, MASS. Raised with 2 older brothers and two sisters (one older, one younger) he is the only male member of his generation to not be a police officer. Joshua instead chose to be a Firefighter for the Boston Fire Department after his graduation from College. He has an atheltic background playing both baseball and football in his early years, he is active in community service and has been both a Big Brother and Boy Scout Troop leader for several years. His files states that his manifestation of Talent occurred during the bombing of a High School in Boston, and his records indicate that he was “killed” by injuries caused by the explosion. He has relocated to Las Vegas, where he has taken an active hand in local community service and volunteer Fire Fighting.

Joshua Redinger

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