Justin Anderson

Combat Medic Grade 5, Directorate of Operations, Section 2

  • Name: Justin Anderson
  • Nationality: United States
  • Political Affiliation: Republican
  • Education: High School Diploma
  • DOB: 5-7-1977
  • DOD:
  • Known Parahuman Abilities: Anderson is immune to most kinetic impacts as well as fire and heat. He can heal the injured in miraculous time, making him an effective front-line combat medic.

On September 11, 2001, many of New York’s finest firefighters responded to the disaster at the World Trade Center. Many of them died when the buildings collapsed. Not Justin Anderson.

Even so, he may well have died of suffocation or dehydration had it not been for Talent response teams who could detect the still-living and teleport them to safety. Anderson refused to be evacuated from the scene, however, utilizing newly manifested healing powers on the bruised, abraded, and terrified survivors.

Anderson works for Section 2 with the same patriotic dedication that he applied to his work as a NY firefighter.

Justin Anderson

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