Malachai "Mal" Felton

Operative, Grade 5, Section 2.


Physical Description:

Caucasian male, blonde hair, blue eyes, 22 years old, frail.

Notable Qualities:

Obvious Texan accent, compelling presence, regularly carrying two black duffel bags, one of which seems to squirm and moan. Quite polite.

Favored Attire:

Black slacks, black t-shirt, silver crucifix.

Known Talents:

Extremely potent focused metaphysical extrapolations, requiring specific ritual preparation but allowing spontaneous talent manifestation seemingly without limitation. Talisman-maker, with focus on Judeo-Christian and North American mythological paradigms. Has shown capacity to make permanent Talismans allowing psychic debilitation of foes, phasing, defensive enhancements.

Other manifested temporary Talismans:
“Vassal of Abbadon” – Severed head with precognitive powers which shares its visions over a radius.
“Aegis of Asmodeus” – Shield made from stained glass, rosary, and swine remnants which served as an area mind control effect for those who looked upon it.


Formerly the head of Hosanna Church Youth Parish (and head altar boy prior to that point) in Ponchatoula, Louisiana, Mal Felton was discovered by Deputy Director Albright roughly five years ago in the course of his investigation of another, more potent prospect. A latent Talent awakened by the presence of the Church’s charismatic leader, Felton was catalyzed into full potency by the events surrounding Yama’s Apocalypse, although the specifics of said awakening remain heavily classified.

Brought under Section 2 protection by Deputy Director Albright, Felton has proceeded to be a zealous and enthusiastic member of the organization during the last four years of his training. Because of the controversial nature of his Talent, exposure to team activities has been limited to date. However, because of recent events, Felton has insisted on a more regular and focused deployment.

Malachai "Mal" Felton

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