Niko Pasandretti

Supposed Odal Rune Negotiator turned Section 2 Defector, revealed to be Swords of Naciketas Agent, now Deceased


Niko Pasandretti was known to possess mind-influencing Talents, unnatural empathy, and the ability to physically transport himself and possibly others via the memories of anyone he touches. The extent of his powers was still being determined when he was subjected to advanced interrogation techniques that resulted in his demise.


Niko Pasandretti was born and raised in Naples to a fairly poor family. Unsurprisingly, he rapidly fell into the ranks of organized crime. He was charming, intelligent, and seemed to have an uncanny ability to read faces. His “hunches” about people were often right and his ability to spot undercover police became well-known in Camorra circles to the point where he was brought in specifically to a meeting of high-level criminals engaged in a “trial” of one of their own who was accused of breaking the code of silence. Niko sweated. He knew that his ability to “read” the accused would make or break not only the fellow in the hot seat, but Niko himself. His Talent manifested that very moment, and he was able to untangle a skein of manipulation, bribery, and blackmail that uncovered the real mole and saved the life of the man accused.

Niko became a prized Camorra asset until the Odal Rune contacted him. His youth as a criminal made him amenable to the Odal Rune philosophy of the strongest surviving and moving up to control the less strong. As he got older, he drifted away from mundane organized crime and became a major figure within the Odal Rune. Pasandretti was one of the lead technicians at a German Odal Rune facility where he headed a number of experiments in Talent psychology, before he rose to lead their operations in Italy.

A few years after Yama’s Apocalypse, Niko became more and more aware that Father’s agenda was shifting. While Niko agreed with Odal Rune philosophy, he believed that Father’s current course would have lasting and devastating consequences. At least that’s what he told Section 2 when he pretended to defect in October 2009.

In truth, Pasandretti had been recruited into the Swords of Naciketas many years ago. He was a mole inside the Odal Rune keeping tabs on Talents with extensive destructive capability. His defection to Section 2 was part of an operation to sell out Guiseppe Nolo of the Odal Rune and Christian Thompson of Section 2. He may have gotten away with it if Operative Summers hadn’t seen Robert Woolaru and accurately reported his involvement. This caused enough suspicion in Section 2 personnel that they subjected Pasandretti to “advanced” interrogation techniques which broke him, learned his secrets, and ultimately killed him.

Niko Pasandretti

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