Obadias 'Obi' Yaghmaie

Persian Rug Salesman


•Name: Obadias ‘Obi’ Yaghmaie
•Nationality: United States
•Political Affiliation: Republican Moderate
•Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Business (Oxford)
•DOB: 12/1/1977
•DOD: -
•Known Parahuman Abilities: A powerful telekinetic who can affect groups offensively at great distance. His power also protects him from any and all physical attacks as well as permit him the ability to fly at great speed.


Obadias is an american born businessman who was caught in a terrorist attack while at a conference in Baghdad. The bomb caused enough structural damage to collapse the entire hotel down into the sewer system. Obadias jumped away from the blast, and when the smoke and rubble cleared he was floating 20 feet in the air, completely unharmed. His activities while enjoying his newfound powers attracted the attention of Section 2 and he was recruited.

Obadias 'Obi' Yaghmaie

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