The Pythia

The Oracle at Delphi

  • Name: The Pythia, AKA The Oracle at Delphi
  • Nationality: Varies, usually Greek
  • Political Affiliation: None (The god Apollo)
  • Education: Varies
  • DOB: Varies
  • DOD: Varies
  • Known Parahuman Abilities: The Pythia are an unusual Talent manifestation in that the oracular power seems to belong to no one person; instead, it jumps from person to person like the tribal magic of Talents observed in aboriginal cultures. Those afflicted exist in a trance with occasional lucid moments during which the young girl will converse in “The voice of Apollo,” a deep, beautiful male baritone, speaking the questioner’s language like a native. The Pythia answer questions about the future for those who make an offering to the God Apollo. Such answers are convoluted and strange, but usually prove to be quite accurate.

History: On April 10, 1941, rumours begame to spread through war-ravaged Greece that the Pythia, the Oracles of Apollo who once gave counsel at Delphi, had returned. At first, these tales were nothing more than vague rumors among the Greek people; soon, it became clear that the girls who spoke the word of Apollo were once again more than myth. They gave counsel on the slopes of mount Olympus near the city of Katherine, speaking to any who came and made an offering to their God.

Thousands flocked into the war zone, still occupied by the British Force W, to see the miracle at Olympus. The British were powerless to stop the flow of refugees into the area. “I’ve never before seen civilians head towards a war,” said British commander Major General Fryeburg when alerted to the problem. In the face of a huge Nazi offensive, the British retreated south, abandoning the civilians and the Oracle both.

By April 23, the Germans arrived at Olympus. At first, they were baffled by the spectacle of the thousands of civilians gathered there, but they quickly secured the scene, and the Commander-in-charge spoke with the Pythia.

He was impressed with their knowledge of his personal life, and with the predictions they intimated. Word was sent back to the Reich that the Oracle had returned.

It is almost universally believed that the Pythia are nothing more than an unusual manifestation of Talent ability. Talents observing the Pythia during their precognitive trances concur that a Talent power is in use. The first four Pythia were sisters, but over the years, hundreds of Pythia have been drawn to Mount Olympus from all over the world. As older Pythia drift out of the Trance and return to normal life, new ones are drawn in. The ability strikes a female like an illness just before puberty. Similar to autism, it causes an otherwise normal youth to lapse into a stupor, which is only occasionally emerged from.

It is known that Hitler, a great fan of ancient culture, consulted the Pythia before Operation: Barbarossa for counsel. Their answer was a subtle one: “If Germany invades Russia, the name of Hitler will stay on the lips of loyal followers until the dawn of the next century; while Stalin will be forgotten, like a nightmare upon waking.” In this prediction, misleading as it may seem, the Pythia were precisely right.

(Much of the above© Dennis Detwiller, Godlike pp. 145-6)

The Pythia

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