Reverend Carpenter

Mad Preacher

  • Name: Louis Lamonica, AKA Reverend Carpenter
  • Nationality: United States of America
  • Political Affiliation: Hosanna Church of Ponchatoula, Louisiana (defunct)
  • Education: High School
  • DOB: Unknown
  • DOD: -
  • Known Parahuman Abilities: What little is known of Carpenter indicates he had the ability to “baptize” ordinary people and gift them with minor talents according to Biblical themes. He is also thought to possess hyper-charisma and an ability to emulate any miracle in the Bible, including self-resurrection.

History: In 2005, the FBI responded to the bizarre confession of Louis Lamonica, the pastor of Hosanna Church of Ponchatoula, Louisiana, that he had been chosen by God to spread the blessings of Christ. The message wasn’t the problem. The means by which Lamonica and his chosen few spread Christ’s blessings, however, involved sex with children and animals and bizarre animal sacrifice. It wasn’t until the FBI arrived to arrest Lamonica, having already arrested a number of his congregation, that they realized they were dealing with a potent Talent. Moreover, Lamonica appeared to possess the capacity to grant minor Talents to others.

Section 2 responded immediately and captured Lamonica. The story faded from the papers.

A year later, Assamese citizens fleeing the nuclear devastation of their country spoke of their reverence for “Reverend Carpenter”, a Christian missionary who had converted thousands in preparation for a confrontation with Assam’s god-ruler Lord Yama. According to accounts, Reverend Carpenter appeared in a village just a few miles inside Assam and began preaching to the villagers who could mysteriously understand him despite his complete ignorance of the local language. He converted village after village, wholesale, baptizing the entire population of each settlement he came to, creating in a matter of days an army of minor talents bent on sending “the devil Yama back to hell.” Carpenter apparently sent a number of his new converts in all four directions telling them to “spread the word” which accounts for their survival and the world’s knowledge of Carpenter’s existence.

When Carpenter and his army clashed with Lord Yama, a stockpile of nuclear devices destroyed Assam. Neither Yama or Carpenter were seen thereafter, but both of their cults continued to operate clandestinely throughout the world.

In 2010, “Reverend Carpenter” appeared once more on the global scene, leading a pilgrimage of thousands of believers from Louisiana, where he had apparently been living in obscurity, to Fort Leavenworth to liberate John “Jesus” McGrath. The two have since formed a massive cult, necessitating the evacuation and quarantine of Fort Leavenworth.

Reverend Carpenter

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