Saren Vasquez

Operative Grade 5, Section 2, mission alternate


At 5’ 6”, Saren is an extremely well-built and muscular Hispanic woman, approximately 24 years old, with one dark brown eye and one steel blue eye. She is usually wearing scruffy jeans, old motorcycle boots, a black trench coat and a button up men’s dress shirt. Her belt is often made of metal or has a heavy buckle.

Primary Talent: Saren is abnormally strong. She has been known to lift as much as 1 ton without difficulty and can take a hit better than most. In addition to her strength and resilience, she has a remarkable natural skill in throwing almost anything with potent accuracy, typically with deadly or near deadly force.

Secondary Talent: Saren can heal herself or any allies within a certain range, eliminating minor or even significant physical damage almost instantly.


In the mountains and villages of Mexico and Central America, ‘La Balero’ was a woman known as a guerilla fighter, revolutionary, champion of the people, gun-runner, assassin, or protector of children. It depends on who you ask. Her mercenary career included a variety of work, resulting in several warrants for ‘La Balero’ in various countries. The mangled but identifiable corpse of La Balero was found after an explosion in a munitions factory in Chile in 2008.

What is generally known around Section 2 is that Saren Vasquez is a hermit; living alone, avoiding contact with people and until recently working for Housekeeping- after incarceration and rehabilitation following her capture in 2007.

In 2009 a verbal confrontation with Justin Anderson almost resulted in a brawl and the two now refuse to speak as well as avoid each other.

Saren Vasquez

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