Sofie Ganeux

Vagabond Thief



Sex: Female
Age: 18 (born: 1991)
Rank: Civilian Operative

Sofie is an attractive young woman with skin and hair tone that betray a lineage tracing to Native Americans as well as some African-American heritage. Her eyes are brown, and she appears slightly younger than her actual age. She stands approximately 5’8", a bit on the thin side at 135, and a strong cajun accent. She dresses extremely casually, in jeans or a long skirt and tee-shirts accompanied by bandannas tied about her forearms and a small strapped bag at her side. Her feet are usually bare, and her attitude and posture are that of extreme indifference.

Primary Talent: Massive-Item Theft
Secondary Talent: Large-scale destruction


From her INTERPOL Record

Aliases: Sofie Ganeaux, Le Chat, Sofia, Sara Ganymede, Siamese
Category of Offenses: Theft, Fraud, Money Laundering, Destruction of Property, Kidnapping

Capture: December 2008, Egypt. Convicted by the Egyptian government and remanded to America for sentencing. Remitted to Section 2.

Subject’s proclivities are toward theft, kidnapping and random violence. Psychological profile indicates the subject tends to work alone, fencing her acquisitions through other complex organizations; she has been known to work per contract, and take mercenary hire, but does not work with privatized military companies. Her preferences are for solo operations, but she has been known to work with others on occasion. Subject should be considered armed and dangerous.

Warning: Use of Zed powers against this subject is not advised.

Sofie Ganeux

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