Steven Pyatt

Operative Grade 3, A man with many faces


Born in Salt Lake City, Steven was raised to believe in his faith and his country, and he has lived up to that legacy. His mission in Myanmar was cut short by a series of violent attacks on Christian missionaries, and he chose to finish it by joining the US Army. His calm demeanor and steady hands earned him a role on the demolitions team. When his tour of duty was up he chose to take his skills to the Salt Lake City police department. In 2004 Steven was called out to handle a bomb at the Temple Square. While he scrambled to work he realized that there were several linked explosives and he simply couldn’t get to them all- the stress of that moment revealed his talent. He split into many copies of himself, and was able to defuse nearly all of the devices. Some of his copies threw themselves upon the final device and absorbed much of the destruction. Steven’s heroism isn’t what drew him to Section 2’s attention, however. It was the fact that Steven’s copies don’t go away. While less intelligent and driven than their original, they continue to live their lives on their own. After being taken into custody to insure there was no possibility of another Whitfield Syndrome, Steven began work for Section 2.


Steven Pyatt

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