Sunit Dasgupta

A former doctor who escaped from the doomed country of Bangladesh and joined Section 2 seeking vengeance


Primary Talent: Enhanced Talent Detection
Secondary Talent: Invisible/inaudible
Tertiary Talent: Can walk on water

Primary Skill: Medicine
Secondary Skill: Security systems


Age: 34
DOB: //1975

Sunit was born into an upper-class family in Chittagong, Bangladesh. His life up until the manifestation of his talent was normal, perhaps even blessed. He was trained as a doctor and, unusually, returned home to practice rather than staying abroad. He was volunteering in a relief center following the monsoon season when Yama’s attack occurred. The shock of neighboring India being almost completely destroyed was nothing compared to the terror when the Queen invaded Bangladesh. The country’s population density made it a perfect target for her swarms, and it was overrun in an amazingly short time.

The manifestation of Sunit’s talents, particularly his enhanced ability to sense other Talents, allowed him to escape across the border to Myanmar, where he was found by a Section 2 team observing the situation. They did not reveal their affiliation to him, but did extract him from the area. He was subsequently interviewed by Albright (owing to his extremely delicate mental state at the time) regarding what he saw during his escape from Bangladesh. At the time, the decision was made not to attempt to recruit him into Section 2 as his psych profile was not deemed appropriate.

Sunit remained in the United States and went through the motions of establishing a new, normal life, but he found that he could not. His grief over the destruction of his home and family gradually turned to rage, and he was not able to put it aside. One year later, he sought out Albright again and asked him to put him in touch with the group that rescued him, not knowing that Albright was actually a member of that group.

Following a subsequent interview and evaluation of his talent abilities he joined Section 2, where he acts as a forward scout on field missions, and a staff doctor on base where his actual medical knowledge compliments the various healing Talents on staff. He has very little desire to maintain a life outside of Section 2, but does regularly volunteer at local free clinics.

Sunit Dasgupta

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