Thomas Sawyer

Solo Operative Grade 2, Directorate of Operations, Section 2


Thomas is an eminently likable young man. While he is not supernaturally attractive, his Hypercharm acts as a buffer between himself and potential sources of harm. Those who wish to attack him find themselves either rethinking their intentions, or moderating their efforts because he’s just so friendly-looking.

During his first mission he admitted to the additional ability to control the behaviors of others, and went on to display this power several times at the command of his team leader. Thomas has no conscious control over his Talent; even the most casual statement will embed itself with devastating permanency in the psyches of whoever he is speaking to, and thus far he has found no concrete way to undo the effects of his past commands.

The only limit to Thomas’ power is the psychological need to have his eyes uncovered. As a result he wears sunglasses at all times, and will occasionally voluntarily wear a zed bracelet to make his fellow agents more comfortable.

He appears to be in his very early twenties, and tends to dress with an eye for style and luxury.


Thomas is a young man who came to Section 2’s attention after several years of Talent activity were determined to be the actions of a single person moving restlessly across the country. Section 2’s researchers determined that he had been in possession of his parahuman abilities for the majority of his life.

While not technically drafted under the Taft Legislation, the Directorate made it clear that he would not be allowed to move about at liberty. Since joining the company, Thomas has been tested thoroughly, and appears to be an eager recruit, taking great interest in developing relationships with his peers.

Thomas’ history remains classified, although it is plain that his name is an alias. He has occasionally referenced his status as an orphan (“sort of”), and obliquely refered to men and women whose minds he has accidentally destroyed through the uncontrollable use of his power. For a young man who has led such a frivolous life, he seems very burdened by a sense of abiding responsibility.

Since joining Section 2, Sawyer has proved a savvy team leader, overcoming his initial aversion to giving orders to others. Sawyer’s tactic of building consensus at the expense of strict military doctrine has proved successful in managing of the disparate and sometimes antisocial agents under his command.

In recent months Sawyer started a romantic relationship with fellow agent Andrea Cross. Cross, who appears as the ideal sexual partner to anyone who sees her, has suffered a lifetime of sexual and emotional trauma due to her uncontrollable talent. Sawyer’s own uncontrollable Talent has caused him similar issues, and the couple are well paired in their ability to understand each others issues. Though initially hesitant, the pair have fully embraced their courtship.

In Sawyer’s words, “When I see Amelia, I want to see her as she really is. She’s already my ideal woman.”

Thomas Sawyer

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