Vincent DeLuca

Grade 4, Infiltration & Assassination Specialist, MI7 (On Loan)

  • Name: Vincent DeLuca
  • Nationality: United Kingdom
  • Education: Sapienza University of Rome
  • DOB: 12/22/1976
  • DOD:
  • Primary Talent: Shadow Blades manifestation
  • Secondary Talent: Hyper Stealth

Vincent DeLuca comes from a small dynasty of Talents operatives. His retired father was a skilled MI7 operative that can teleport himself and others through shadows. His grandfather was PFC DeLuca, a shadow-weapon creating, Italian-American soldier in the US military. PFC DeLuca was part of Talent squad TOG 124 which worked with the SSO. He died towards the latter days of WWII while helping to defend the retreat path for his fellow squad members.

Most of Vincent DeLuca’s past mission are highly classified at MI7. Only his last mission is know where, while working in a joint-agency operation, one of the agents activated as a “Project Z” mole. Surviving the incident but far from home (and with the incident becoming too public), Vincent has used his family’s connection to Section 2 to find safe refuge.

Vincent DeLuca

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