Denice Wolf-Collar

Vessel for the Ancestors of the Niitsitapi

  • Name: Denice Wolf-Collar
  • Nationality: Blackfoot Nation, United States
  • Political Affiliation: Native Nations
  • Education: Grade School
  • DOB: 2/19/83
  • DOD: -
  • Known Parahuman Abilities: Wolf-Collar can, by touching a living person or ground sacred to a particular people summon forth ancestral spirits. These spirits inhabit her body, apparently permanently, shifting into control apparently at random. She can, with coaxing from others, concentrate on a single spirit within herself and act lucidly as that spirit for an hour or more before she tires. She is currently thought to have more than six thousand distinct “ancestors” inhabiting her.

Denice Wolf-Collar manifested her Talent at age eight when the car in which she, her parents, and her brother were traveling was struck by a drunk drive. Her family all died. Badly wounded, she cried and held them and suddenly found their spirits within her, guiding her.

She has since become a national and cultural treasure of the Niitsitapi, or “Original People,” a coalition of tribes in Montana and neighboring Canada. She has been used to resurrect long-dead dialects of language, to recover lost ceremonies and rituals, and simply to communicate with the braves of times long gone.

Denice Wolf-Collar

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