Section 2 - Aftermath

Operation Aegis / Operation Kalaga
Section 2 Facility / Northwestern Myanmar

Leader: Sawyer / Sawyer
Operator: N/A / Ivanoff
Transport: N/A / Ivanoff
Operatives: Fischer, Kwasniewski, Oliver, Townsley, (Anderson), (Cannon)
() = Operation Aegis only

Primary Objective (Aegis): Defend Containment from Assault, Protect Nuclear Talent

Primary Objective Status: Accomplished

Primary Objective (Kalaga): Kill/Capture Giuseppe Nolo

Primary Objective Status: Accomplished

Summary (Aegis): Section 2 facility came under attack. All personnel who had ever been transported by former transport operative Robert Woolaru were psychically assaulted from the dreamtime while his team of Swords of Naciketas operatives invaded. Operation Team was in the midst of being briefed for an unrelated mission when the attack came. Director Ming updated their operation’s parameters before being moved to safety. Team made their way to Containment where they were able to corner part of the invading group. Team, along with other Section 2 personnel unaffected by Woolaru’s abilities, engaged enemy Talents and defeated them before Containment could be effectively breached.

Summary (Kalaga): During the assault repelled during Operation Aegis, Dr. Albright’s office came under attack by a second team. Dr. Albright managed to subvert one attacker and learned the location of the prison facility where the Swords of Naciketas keep Talent prisoners with mass-destruction capability, the facility where they intended to take the nuclear Talent, and where they were currently keeping Giuseppe Nolo, an Italian disease-Talent. The team from Operation Aegis, having proved themselves immune to Woolaru’s most effective offensive abilities, were sent to Myanmar to capture or kill Nolo, with the secondary objective to kill Woolaru if possible. In the process of scouting the Burmese mountain village at the edge of the Assamese wastelands, Woolaru arrived in the village. Team snatched Nolo and extracted, whereupon Executive Order #A555197 was initiated. The village was neutralized by a 5 megaton nuclear device delivered via Operative Ivanoff in hopes of destroying Woolaru.

Operation Remus
Rome, Italy

Leader: Kwaśniewski
Operator: Ivanoff
Transport: Ivanoff
Operatives: Oliver, Redinger, Sawyer, Summers, Townsley

Primary Objective: Recover Zulai Hazdi and Zezag Hazdi from Odal Rune captivity

Primary Objective Status: Accomplished

Secondary Actions: 1 Odal Rune laptop recovered

Summary: Five recent Section 2 operations have been interfered with by teams of Odal Rune operatives. This caused suspicion that elements of Section 2’s computer systems may have been marginally compromised. Director Ming utilized Operative Summers’s Talent to brief the mission in such a way as to minimize the possibility of a leak.

The primary objective was to assault an Odal Rune facility in the ruins of Rome while many of the Roman cell’s potent operatives were drawn away by negotiations (see Operation Tuscan Sun). They were to recover two mundane relatives of the Zed Talent Remza Hazdi that the Odal Rune had captive for leverage purposes and additionally to recover any and all intelligence on Odal Rune operations and personnel available.

After some careful reconnaissance, the team infiltrated the base and engaged the Odal Rune Talents therein, killing one and driving the rest off.

Operation Tuscan Sun
Siena, Italy

Leader: Pyatt
Operator: Mitchell
Transport: Caravaggio
Operatives: Cross, Dasgupta, Fischer, Nielsen

Primary Objective: Protect Section 2 Negotiator Cross

Primary Objective Status: Accomplished

Secondary Actions: 1 Odal Rune Defector successfully extracted

Summary: Section 2 interrogation revealed a pattern of interference by Odal Rune operatives. Due to past occasional cooperation between Section 2 and the Odal Rune, Negotiator Amelia Cross was sent to meet with Odal Rune negotiator Niko Pasandretti in the closed, subterranean Museo Archeologie in Siena, Italy to discuss an exchange of captives and negotiate non-interference in future operations.

Negotiator Pasandretti covertly indicated in the course of negotiations a desire to defect to Section 2 whereupon his associates sought to prevent his defection. In the subsequent combat, 3 Odal Rune operatives were killed and a fourth was permitted to leave. Section 2’s casualties consisted of two copies of Operative Pyatt.

Operation Fat Man
Habomai Islands

Leader: Pyatt
Operator: Mills
Transport: Caravaggio
Operatives: Aamir, Fischer, Summers, Townsley, Sawyer

Primary Objective: Find and Extract alleged nuclear Talent held at Unit 731 facility.

Primary Objective Status: Accomplished

Secondary Actions: 1 Unit 731 Talent Prisoner, 7 Unit 731 non-Talent prisoners, 1 Talent prisoner from unknown mercenary force.

Summary: The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan has been in power for most of the last 60 years. This conservative party has recently changed the Japanese constitution to permit a “standard” military force. In an attempt to appeal to their voter base in preparation for looming elections they seemed sure to lose, the LDP violated international treaty by conducting an atmospheric nuclear weapon test.

The blast was relatively small, and generated no noticeable lasting radiation. Directorate of Surveillance and Directorate of Intelligence considered it a high probability that Japan had a Talent capable of creating small nuclear blasts.

LDP lost the election to the Democratic Party of Japan. Intelligence indicated that this nuclear Talent was likely the product of Unit 731, a non-Governmental covert group dedicated to Japanese Imperialism. It was deemed unacceptable for a non-Governmental group without the normal constraints of nation-state diplomacy to be a nuclear power. Operatives were dispatched to the contested Habomai islands (controlled by Russia) where Unit 731 had their covert testing facility.

The Operation was a success, although the target Talent was able to utilize his ability to create nuclear explosions twice. No operatives were lost. Unknown mercenary force attempted to intercede and were foiled.

Operation Z
Grozny, Chechnya

Leader: Kwaśniewski
Operator: Mitchell
Transport: Sandoval
Operatives: Lincoln, Oliver, Dasgupta, Redinger, Nielsen

Primary Objective: Find and Extract Remza Hazdi, suspected Zed Talent of unusual potency, before local Talent forces.

Primary Objective Status: Accomplished

Secondary Actions: 2 Talent prisoners from unknown force

Summary: Objective Remza Hazdi, Chechnyan journalist, was dragged into the street in front of his offices by Shamil “the Butcher of Grozny,” head of President Ramzan Kadyrov’s Talent branch of the Kadyrovtsky. As Shamil attempted to use his talent to animate Hazdi’s entrails to burst forth and strangle him, his power inexplicably failed to work. His subsequent attempts to engage hyper-strength also failed. He fled, as did Hazdi. Shamil’s Talent powers, however, did not return in the first 27 hours after the incident, and to our knowledge have not yet returned.

This prompted the Talent elements of the Kadyrovtsky to begin a manhunt throughout Grozny for this newly-manifested Zed Talent. It was deemed necessary to bring a Zed Talent of this power into Section 2 for his own protection and for future employment. Operations Team was interfered with by Talent operative team of unknown origin. Two captives are currently in the possession of Information Extraction.


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