Tag: Oversight


  • Dashiell Lincoln

    Dashiell indeed lived a very charmed life until his father (a prominent judge in San Fransico) and mother were murder. It was then when he first met a US Marshal and decided what he wanted to do with his life. He applied as soon as he was of age. With …

  • Stella

    Stella is the chairwoman of the Oversight board, and the member most likely to be seen by your typical Operative. She appears to be a sixteen year old girl, but she dresses and acts like an adult. She acts as representative of Oversight to the …

  • Cherpakha

    Yosef Timoshenko was one of three Soviet Talents to defect to Section 2 in the 1980s along with former-Director of Operations Sophia Ivanova and Sergei Ivanoff. Timoshenko spent 11 years in a deep-cover infiltration assignment, his true memories and …

  • The Secretary

    The Secretary appears to be an older, balding man, often in an ill-fitting suit. He always wears dark sunglasses and perpetually types into a small notebook computer. On the rare occasions he speaks, his voice is curiously high-pitched and monotone.