It has been more than 3 years since November of 2006 when Lord Yama’s Apocalypse destroyed millions of people and dozens of cities. The world and its nations survived, however, and the collective trauma brought about the manifestation of hundreds of new Talents, the most since World War 2 sparked the genesis of the phenomenon.

The US Covert Talent Agency, Section 2, operates in the shadows, seeking to advance its interests in a world of increased tensions and nationalism, where Talents put the lie to notions of mutually assured destruction.

This is the home of the sequel to my Section 2 game. The original used a heavily modified form of the Godlike system, set in that world but in 2005-2006.

At the conclusion of that game, the PC’s and their covert Talent agency, Section 2, had initiated an apocalyptic solution to save humanity from utter extinction.

This Game takes place three years later, and uses Wild Talents

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Section 2 - Aftermath

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