Section 2 - Aftermath

Operation Remus

Rome, Italy

Leader: Kwaśniewski
Operator: Ivanoff
Transport: Ivanoff
Operatives: Oliver, Redinger, Sawyer, Summers, Townsley

Primary Objective: Recover Zulai Hazdi and Zezag Hazdi from Odal Rune captivity

Primary Objective Status: Accomplished

Secondary Actions: 1 Odal Rune laptop recovered

Summary: Five recent Section 2 operations have been interfered with by teams of Odal Rune operatives. This caused suspicion that elements of Section 2’s computer systems may have been marginally compromised. Director Ming utilized Operative Summers’s Talent to brief the mission in such a way as to minimize the possibility of a leak.

The primary objective was to assault an Odal Rune facility in the ruins of Rome while many of the Roman cell’s potent operatives were drawn away by negotiations (see Operation Tuscan Sun). They were to recover two mundane relatives of the Zed Talent Remza Hazdi that the Odal Rune had captive for leverage purposes and additionally to recover any and all intelligence on Odal Rune operations and personnel available.

After some careful reconnaissance, the team infiltrated the base and engaged the Odal Rune Talents therein, killing one and driving the rest off.



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