Section 2 - Aftermath

Operation Shackleton


Leader: Pyatt
Operator: Pelton
Transport: Keffer
Operatives: Cross, Oliver, Petrov, Redinger, Sawyer

Primary Objective: Investigate fate of Odal Rune Antarctic base, resolve hostilities if any

Primary Objective Status: Completed

Summary: The Odal Rune recently lost contact with an Antarctic base and requested Section 2 provide a team to investigate. In return for this investment of manpower, the Odal Rune would permit Section 2 to investigate the base itself and return with whatever information on its activities the Operatives saw fit. Section 2 analysis speculated that the loss of contact was likely due to the sporadic activation of a number of “Project Z” agents within a number of organizations worldwide, and that two Odal Rune agents active in Antarctica, who had previously been Section 2 prisoners returned via a prisoner exchange, were likely to be the Project Z moles.

Team arrived in Antarctica to find the situation in the facility to be complicated. Most of the Odal Rune Talents were dead with the exception of Sasha, an ice and weather control Talent who remained outside the facility; Theodore, a telekinetic; and Hans, a ghost-summoner, and one of the Project Z moles responsible for the deaths of his fellows due to some apparent mental conditioning. Further complicating matters was the presence of “Olaf”, a machine-intelligence powered by Father’s unusual “etheric plasma” technology, who exhorted the Section 2 Operatives to kill everyone left in the facility as traitors and restore control of the base to him.

Investigation revealed that the Odal Rune’s project in this Antarctic facility was investigating alternate dimensional realities. They had built a functioning portal to an unusual alternate dimension and were working on building another portal elsewhere in the world that would tap into that same dimension. Investigation further revealed the mysterious activation of deep mental conditioning in the two “Project Z” moles that sparked civil conflict in the base resulting in a standoff between Hans and Theodore. The Section 2 Operatives, after some standoffs and tense negotiations, entered into a bargain with Theodore to aid the Odal Rune against Hans and his army of summoned ghosts. The violence was reasonably short-lived and Hans was destroyed. Section 2 Negotiator Amelia Cross interceded with Father via Olaf while the violence commenced to ensure that Father and the Odal Rune did not… misinterpret Section 2’s interest in Project Z. Some Operatives utilized the portal to investigate the Odal Rune’s alternate dimension before leaving the base to Olaf and Theodore.



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