Alonzo Caravaggio

Transport Operative Grade 3, Directorate of Operations, Section 2

  • Name: Alonzo Caravaggio
  • Nationality: Italian-American
  • Political Affiliation: None
  • Education: NYU, Classics, Italian, Music
  • DOB: 2/4/76
  • DOD: -
  • Known Parahuman Abilities: Alonzo Caravaggio can open a portal to “Hades”, another realm with all the features of the classical Greek underworld. By leading individuals through this place, Caravaggio can transport them to any other location with which he has some degree of familiarity. Beware, however… any other person so transported had best not look behind them lest they become lost in Hades, never to return.

Alonzo was born to a working-class Italian-American family in New Jersey. He was a bookish lad, more interested in history and fantasy stories than sports or earning a wage. Much to the chagrin of his father, he scraped together the financial aid to go to community college, where his grades and test scores got him a small scholarship to NYU.

Alonzo tried his best to put his origins aside. He threw himself into his studies in Classics with minors in Italian Literature and Music. He met a lovely girl named Rebecca and they fell hopelessly in love.

One night, months before graduation, Rebecca was in a tragic car accident. Alonzo fell apart. He stopped attending classes. His professors and peers tried to be understanding, but he fell into a black pit of utter despair.

In desperation, and fueled no doubt by the story of Orpheus, a portal to Hades opened and Alonzo disappeared. After a few years passed most people assumed he committed suicide.

Section 2 found him, broken and homeless on the streets of New York, five years later. Extensive therapy revealed that in “Hades” the story of Orpheus played out almost exactly, with himself as Orpheus and Rebecca as Eurydice. While these events likely were entirely created by his Talent power, he believed them to be utterly true.

Alonzo was eventually rehabilitated by Section 2. He was already assumed to be dead, and so this is the only life he now knows.

Alonzo Caravaggio

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