Amelia Cross Sawyer

Deputy Director of Negotiation Grade 1, Directorate of Operations, Section 2

  • Name: Amelia Cross nee Sawyer
  • Nationality: United States
  • Political Affiliation: Democrat
  • Education: GED
  • DOB: 11/9/85
  • DOD: -
  • Known Parahuman Abilities: Amelia Cross appears, in the eyes of any sexually-compatible person, to be that person’s ideal mate. This commonly causes confusion as she can appear radically different to multiple people simultaneously. Her Talent is always on, affecting everyone in a significant radius.

Amelia Cross was taken into Section 2 for her own safety. Whatever trauma caused her to manifest the ability to be the perfect woman to all who saw her, it clearly had unforeseen consequences. A number of individuals, confronted with their sexual ideal, found themselves unable to control their urges. Cross lived a life of perpetual fear of rape until Section 2 gave her home and a purpose as a negotiator, using her Talent to put her counterparts on edge, giving her a psychological advantage.

Even surrounded by Talents, many of whom have unnatural self-control, Cross has not been altogether at ease. The former Director of Operations, Sofia Ivanova, was rumored to be a lesbian, and it was widely believed that Cross was regularly harassed by her boss. Now that Ivanova is dead, however, Cross has managed to come out of her shell somewhat, often seen in the company of Tanya Weiss, who watches her back, and James D’Antoni, who is always a consummate gentleman.

Cross has begun exploring a “normal romantic relationship” with Operative Thomas Sawyer who also possesses a Talent that isolates him from normal human interaction. They took things slow, but managed to build a strong relationship. They were married in a private ceremony at the beginning of November, 2010. She took his last name.

Amelia Cross Sawyer

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