Baba Yaga

Das Spukhaus

  • Name: Real name unknown, Subject #3009, AKA Baba Yaga, Das Spukhaus (The Haunted House)
  • Nationality: Russian?
  • Political Affiliation: Unknown
  • Education: Unknown
  • DOB: Unknown
  • DOD: Unknown
  • Known Parahuman Abilities: It remains unclear if the man who was Baba Yaga actually tranformed into, or projected an image of a small house on spider-like legs. The shack appeared to be a 16th century Russian cabin measuring about 3m x 5m x 5m, perched on a cluster of legs measuring about 7.9m tall, ending in huge serrated pincers. The form was quite physical, or appeared to be, and was incredibly strong. It once lifted a 76.8-ton Panzer tank with its pincers, and after turning it over in three limbs, dropped it, apparently bored with its quarry. Baba yaga was able to disappear into a miasmic fog at will, and vanish from sight in an instant; whether this indicated great speed or some kind of invisibility (or even teleportation), was also unknown.

History: Due to the unforeseen destruction of the Special Directive One facility in Minsk, and the files of this parahuman’s history along with it, not even the Russians know anything about Baba Yaga’s true past. The only surviving record is the following notation in a report:

“Subject #3009 displays exceptional telekinetic ability, and is becoming more and more difficult to control. It is the recommendation of the directive that the subject be euthanized before his ability becomes a danger to the state.” — Dr. M. Lelyushenko, 21 June 1941, five days before his death.

Once free from the facility Baba Yaga was seen on several occasions in remote locales, wandering the countryside. The NKVD took an active interest in tracking down the parahuman, but could only find a trail of disappearances, sightings and deaths linked to the Creature’s escape.

When the Germans pushed further into Russia and broke through the Soviet lines near Kiev, Baba Yaga’s appearances became far more frequent. Fields of dead soldiers were often discovered in isolated locales after they had been reported missing for days. The monstrosity killed both German and Russian soldiers alike, holding no political affiliation save to destruction itself.

At the heights of the Russian winter, the house-thing was seen haunting the endless plains of snow near battlefields and ruined cities. It seemed to be drawn to misery, fear and death; often picking through corpses left behind after combat.

Thirteen Russian T-34 tanks once attacked it simultaneously in the only organized attempt made to kill it. In answer to this barrage, which would have leveled a city block), the house-thing stood up slowly and began walking towards its attackers.

With the end of the war, the sightings of the house-thing dwindled. The last confirmed sighting was in 1951, on the plains of ice near Archangel. Since then, only spotty reports exist to indicate this parahuman is still alive at all, although many attribute the salvation of Moscow and St. Petersburg to it. If so, such an action seems to fly in the face of its past behavior.

(Most of the above© Dennis Detwiller, Godlike p. 152)

Baba Yaga

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