The Spirit of the Jungles of Myanmar

  • Name: Kata Nawng, AKA Chanduk, or “The Spirit of the Forest.”
  • Nationality: Karen tribesman
  • Political Affiliation: Burmese nationalist.
  • Education: None
  • DOB: Unknown
  • DOD: ?
  • Known Parahuman Abilities: Nawng was capable of controlling plants and animals in the forests of Burma, causing dramatic and sudden shifts in the layout of trees, plants and (through their manipulation) the surrounding environment. These effects were lasting and sometimes very deadly. In addition, Nawng was able to pass through the dense underbrush of the Burmese highlands silently without the use of a machete.

History: Little is known of Nawng, except that he was a Karen tribesman born about the turn of the twentieth century. An insular people, the Karens long hoped for their own homeland and strongly resented British crown rule. Nawng discovered his powers just days before the Japanese landed in Burma, and used them early on to aid what he saw as a liberating force.

Later, when it became apparent that the Japanese were worse than the British, Nawng used his abilities to kill Japanese as well. His victims were found dead in large groups in the jungle, often months or even years after they were reported missing. Nawng would stalk a single group at a time, using his power to disrupt attempts at navigation, until they expired from lack of food and clean water.

The only known survivor of an attack by Nawng, Lieutenant Nelson Till, an American Talent with Stillwell’s forces known as “Cupboard-guts” (he did not need to eat or drink) was the only person known to have seen Nawng after his Talent manifestation. Till reported that after his group died, a s mall native tribesman came and silently shared his camp for a night. Inquiries by Till were met with nods and smiles, but nothing more. In the morning, a clear path brought Till out of the woods he had spent three weeks wandering in a matter of minutes.

Rumors persist that Chanduk still wanders the jungle highlands of Burma (now Myanmar). The Talent magicians of the Kachin people of Gamgaw report that Chanduk occasionally approaches their border, as if he was observing them, though no reliable reports of an actual sighting have been filed for more than sixty years.

Whether nor not Chanduk still lives, something stalks the highland jungles guarding the tribesmen of Myanmar against incursion by the desperate survivors of the nuclear wasteland formerly known as Assam and drones from The Hive in neighboring Bangladesh. Some theorize that Chanduk may be the only thing containing The Queen, who is surrounded on all other sides by nuclear fallout or the sea.

(much of the above© Dennis Detwiller, Godlike p. 164)


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