Desmond Dupri

Personal Assistant to the Director of Operations Grade 2, Section 2

  • Name: Desmond Dupri
  • Nationality: Caribbean-American
  • Political Affiliation: Independent
  • Education: High School Diploma
  • DOB: 7/7/79
  • DOD: -
  • Known Parahuman Abilities: Desmond Dupri can freeze time on objects or people, suspending bullets in midair or effectively remove people from the fight. He also appears to have stopped aging. There are rumors he may possess a minor precognitive Talent as well.

Desmond Dupri was invited to join Section 2 after he came to their attention by preventing loss of life at a bank robbery he happened to be present for. He has served as a field operative, mostly in a defensive capacity, keeping his team safe from harm. He can’t play an instrument, but he knows a lot of jazz musicians. Before Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, he fortuitously managed to convince a number of pre-eminent jazz musicians to move to Baltimore where he was setting up a small club notwithstanding his Section 2 connections. Yama’s Apocalypse, however, put paid to such ambitions.

Dupri’s potent defensive abilities saved the lives of many of his fellow operatives in the field, including Lee Ann Ming. After she was promoted to Director of Operations, and after Woolaru’s betrayal and attempted assassination of Ming as a prelude to Yama’s Apocalypse, she tapped Dupri as “Personal Assistant” (which most assume means “bodyguard”).

Desmond Dupri

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