Hanna Kwaśniewski

Computer Operations Specialist, Nephilim


Sex: Female
Age: 34
Rank: Seren, in the Nephilim; Specialist in Computer Ops, Section 2.

Hanna is an athletic woman with dark hair and greeny-hazel eyes, appearing to be in her late twenties to early thirties. She stands approximately 5’6”, 125 lb, carries herself with a military bearing, and speaks English with only a hint of an accent. She is a mentally agile individual, exceptionally proficient with computers and military hardware; her Talent deals with controlling and manipulating computers and machines.

Kwaśniewski is pronounced [kwash-NEW-ski].

Primary Talent: Machine Empathy
Secondary Talent: Machine Control


Daughter of the famous Israeli pacifist Antonin ‘the Golem’ Kwaśniewski, Hanna spent most of her life being mocked and attacked for her father’s refusal to fight. Rebelliously, she chose to remain career military after her two year mandantory term of service, and rose to the rank of Seren (captain) in the Israeli Defense Force. She served among the Israeli armed forces since 1992 and in the Nephilim since 2006. She joined Section 2 after a disastrous operation for the Nephilim forced Israel to publicly disown the agent; although her ties to Israel were still strong, she chose to uphold the greater interest and transfer her commission to Section 2. She was returned to Nephilim service in the wake of increased Mad Talent activity in the Middle East.

She is currently missing-in-action (Those with clearance, See Operation Lawnmower)

Hanna Kwaśniewski

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