Jawarhalal Gupta

Leader of the Swords of Naciketas in Exile

  • Name: Jawarhalal Gupta
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Political Affiliation: Theocracy of Assam
  • Education: PhD in Economics from Oxford University
  • DOB: February 12, 1952
  • DOD: -
  • Known Parahuman Abilities: Jawarhalal Gupta is a potent precognitive talent. He has constant flashes of insight into the future that are both vividly detailed and remarkably accurate.

History: Jawarhalal Gupta was born in India five years after its independence from Britain. He was named by his politically active Brahmin parents after India’s first Prime Minister. Sent to English-speaking schools, and ultimately to Oxford University, the hopes of his entire family were riding on Gupta’s intelligence and ability to land a lucrative civil service job in the new nation upon his return.

He graduated with honors and earned his PhD in Economics before finally returning to his homeland. His decade spent in Britain was, however, not easy on him. Far from the culture of his birth he found that no amount of fluency in English or academic excellence could fill the loneliness of living in the nation that his family and people had spent decades struggling against. Gupta fell in with other Indian expatriates in Britain and became more and more radicalized.

Upon returning to India, Gupta joined one of the many branch organizations of the Rashtriya Svayamsevak Sangh, or RSS, an octopus-like organization dedicated to recovering Hindu “masculinity” and establishing India as a “Hindu” nation. His family wasn’t particularly upset by his ideology, but they were bitterly disappointed that he chose to pursue it instead of civil service. He became estranged from them and the RSS and his fellow Sevaks became his new family.

In 1992, Gupta was one of the many community organizers of the massive Rath Yatra campaign to Ayodhya to tear down the 16th century Babri Mosque to pave the way for the rebuilding of a great temple to the god Rama. In the massive Hindu/Muslim communal riots that followed, over 2000 people died. Gupta could very well have been one of them but for the sudden manifestation, in the noise and chaos, of his Talent power. He suddenly knew precisely how effective these riots would be. He saw in excruciating detail each death in every riot for decades following this one flash point. He saw the future of L.K. Advani, his ideological leader in the RSS and VHP. Gupta saw him become an old man, selling out his ideology for political power. Gupta saw that India would never become a “Hindu” nation so long as it remained a democratic one.

Embittered by his vision, yet exhilarated by his newfound power, Gupta immigrated immediately to the Theocracy of Assam. Here was a nation ruled utterly by a Hindu divine being. All who came, no matter their original religious affiliation, were almost immediately convinced of Lord Yama’s divinity. Assam was truly a Hindu nation. Gupta, now a divine being himself, would throw his energies into making Assam the most influential nation on earth.

By 1995, Jawarhalal Gupta was Lord Yama’s ambassador to the United Nations. Gupta used his intelligence, his knowledge of incentives, and his detailed knowledge of the future to politically maneuver his new nation through the stormy seas of international politics.

When Yama’s Apocalypse struck, wiping Assam off the map, Jawarhalal Gupta went into hiding. He is presumed to be the head of the Swords of Naciketas in exile, preparing the way for the eventual return of their lord.

Jawarhalal Gupta

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