James "Jimmy the Tailor" D'Antoni

Operative Grade 5, Directorate of Operations, Section 2

  • Name: James Michael D’Antoni “Jimmy the Tailor”
  • Nationality: United States
  • Political Affiliation: None
  • Education: BA Drama, BA Music, Yale University
  • DOB: 4-11-1983
  • DOD: -
  • Known Parahuman Abilities: James D’Antoni may, by consuming the blood of another, take on that person’s identity down to their fingerprints and DNA. He is thought to have unnatural skill with small bladed weapons. He is a clinical sociopath who nevertheless acts the part of the perfect gentleman.

James Michael D’Antoni was the youngest son of the D’Antoni crime family in Chicago. Thanksgiving 2004 saw the family gunned down in their own home by rivals. The subsequent bloody swathe of murders with an edged weapon eventually forced the police to act when the killings started to move beyond family rivals. “Jimmy the Tailor” was drafted into Section 2 under the Taft laws shortly thereafter.

James retains a debutante air and is easily kept happy with money and the fine goods money can buy. It has been made clear to him that he is not to enact any more vengeance for his family, that what he did was more than enough, and that he is not to kill unless authorized to do so by Section 2. He is currently thought to be “dating” Tanya Weiss.

James "Jimmy the Tailor" D'Antoni

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