Dr. Lionel Silverman

Nuclear Physicist

  • Name: Dr. Lionel Silverman
  • Nationality: United States of America
  • Political Affiliation: Democratic Party
  • Education: PhD in Theoretical Physics, University of California, Berkeley
  • DOB: 10/23/39
  • DOD: -
  • Known Parahuman Abilities: Dr. Silverman possesses an unnaturally potent intellect. Additionally, his detailed understanding of theoretical physics translates into the remarkable ability to control physical phenomena at an atomic-particle level. This ability has a wide number of potential uses, including making any object radioactive, or making radioactive objects stable. His Talent is currently in high demand to clean up radioactive fallout from Yama’s Apocalypse.

History: Lionel Silverman was born during the chaos of World War II, and came of age at the dawn of the Cold War. He was thoroughly a child of his age. While a graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley he worked with many of the greatest minds in nuclear physics. It was while working on Operation Dominic II, some of the last atmospheric nuclear weapon tests, that Silverman’s Talent manifested itself. In an interview for Scientific American, he said:

“As I witnessed that nuclear fire, brighter than the sun, balloon over the Nevada desert, it was like looking into the burning bush, the fiery heart of God, and I suddenly just… understood.”

His new understanding rapidly leapfrogged that of his contemporaries, many of whom had difficulty understanding his theories. It would take American science decades to catch up to notions that Dr. Silverman understood intuitively. His Talent was most useful, however, in controlled tests. He could manipulate test conditions, splitting atoms without the need for massive, expensive particle accelerators. Most of his work continued to be highly classified, but in early November 2006, he was in Washington, DC testifying before Congress on the need to upgrade America’s aging arsenal, or scrap it, when Yama’s apocalypse struck.

Subverted military men fired America’s own weapons at cities across the Eastern seaboard. Section 2 operatives, with minutes to spare, interrupted the Senate proceedings, briefed Dr. Silverman, and took him to the top of the Washington Monument from where he could see the incoming warhead. He used his talent to neutralize the fissile material within. The missile ended up destroying an apartment block and nothing else. The federal government of the United States was spared.

At that moment, Dr. Silverman became one of the United States’s most valuable Talent assets. His Talent has become widely used over the past three years to clean up radioactive fallout of the apocalypse. Cities that would have been uninhabitable for decades are slowly being rebuilt today thanks entirely to Dr. Silverman’s unique understanding of particle physics.

Dr. Lionel Silverman

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