Robert Woolaru

Aboriginal Shaman-Talent, Traitor to Section 2

  • Name: Robert Woolaru
  • Nationality: Aboriginal Australian / American
  • Political Affiliation: Swords of Naciketas
  • Education: MBA from MIT
  • DOB: April 11, 1970
  • DOD: November 9, 2009 (presumed)
  • Known Parahuman Abilities: Robert Woolaru has an incredibly versatile talent. He believes himself to be a shaman of the aboriginal “dreamtime” capable of traveling into and through that other realm as well as conjuring a bewildering variety of “magical” effects from mind control to time manipulation. Many of the uses of his power require him to be under the effects of psychoactive drugs.

History: Robert Woolaru was born in an aboriginal ghetto. The policies of the Australian government then, as now, were to effectively segregate the aboriginal population into towns and neighborhoods and leave them to degenerate into alcoholism and second-class citizen status. Robert was different. One day at the age of twelve an ancient, toothless old shaman who still clung to as many of the old, traditional ways as possible, took Robert out into the outback. Robert returned a month later without the old man, but with a powerful set of Talent abilities.

At first, he used his powers to improve the lives of his people, but by the time he reached 18, he decided he could do more good for them by learning the ways of the wider world. He applied to the University of Sydney, and under an affirmative action program, got in. He saw how corporations ran the rich world and knew he needed to get in on that action. Upon graduating, he applied to MIT’s MBA program and was accepted on pure academic merit. With the aid of his Talent powers, his rise was rapid. Upon achieving his MBA, he became a citizen of the United States and joined Moody’s, a credit rating company, where his intelligence and Talent made him a millionaire in just a few years.

His Talent was so widely useful and versatile that he became one of the very few Talents to be recruited by Section 2 while being permitted to maintain his pre-existing public identity and business interests. In many respects, he was a “contractor” for the Talent agency which used him mostly as a transport operative due to his unique ability to move people and goods through the “dreamtime” even to locations he had never before seen. His secondary objectives were usually to wait at the transport location as backup or “Housekeeping” should the primary team require it. He was deemed too valuable to risk as a front-line field operative.

It is unknown when Woolaru became subverted by the Theocracy of Assam. Perhaps Lord Yama and his people got to him before he even came to America. Perhaps they recruited him after he joined Section 2. Either way, when Yama’s Apocalypse hit, Woolaru was activated. He betrayed Section 2 from within causing the deaths of many of his fellow operatives. If not for Director Ming’s foresight and planning, he could have done much more damage than he did.

Robert Woolaru has fortunes scattered about the world in dummy companies and secret bank accounts. He is known to be one of the most powerful members of the Swords of Naciketas, Lord Yama’s former Talent corps turned terrorist group. He has been on Section 2’s top ten wanted list for the past three years. He and a group of Swords attacked the Section 2 Operations Facility in November 2009. These events led to his discovery in rural northern Myanmar which necessitated a small nuclear strike. He is presumed dead.

Robert Woolaru

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