Sergei Ivanoff

Operator and Transport Operative Grade 3, Directorate of Operations, Section 2

  • Name: Sergei Ivanoff
  • Nationality: Russian-American
  • Political Affiliation: None
  • Education: None
  • DOB: 7-23-1949
  • DOD: -
  • Known Parahuman Abilities: Sergei Ivanoff is capable of teleporting a shipping container and anything or everything inside it. He cannot accompany his teleportation, and his power is limited to a box about the size and shape of a shipping container. He is primarily used for equipment-drops to support a team in the field. He is also a skilled computer operator.

Sergei Ivanoff, his “sister” Sofia Ivanova, and Yosef Timoshenko were a trio of potent Soviet Talents recruited, or perhaps even created by the secretive Soviet Special Directive 1. When they defected to the United States during the height of the Cold War it was a significant coup.

Sergei Ivanoff’s training was as a nuclear-weapons delivery mechanism. The specific nature of his power is particularly well-suited to the delivery of such weapons, a prospect that seems to make him deeply uneasy. He has worked diligently and quietly for Section 2 for his entire career, watching his “sister” rise to Director of Operations, only to be assassinated and replaced. He expresses few opinions on the subject publicly.

Sergei Ivanoff

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