The Queen

Bee Queen of Bangladesh

  • Name: Real Name Unknown
  • Nationality: Unknown
  • Political Affiliation: None
  • Education: Unknown
  • DOB: Unknown
  • DOD: -
  • Known Parahuman Abilities: The Queen has complete control over africanized honeybees, and can use their sting as a method of transmitting her highly-infectious talent. Anyone stung by one of her bees becomes a mindless drone in service to the Queen, performing the actions of their former lives by rote except when she calls upon them for service. A rare few who are stung manifest bee-related talent powers and are under the complete mental control of the Queen. These are her soldiers.

History: The Queen first manifested near the northern border of Mexico just across the Rio Grande from Texas, in the late 1990’s. The spread of her talent was subtle, insidious, and so unnoticed for some time. By the time the Mexican and American authorities recognized the threat of a new “Whitfield Syndrome” it was almost too late.

A joint operation between the covert talent organizations of the two countries was able to discover the Queen’s location and kill her. Aside from the protection afforded by any number of loyal drones, she appears to have little personal ability to protect herself. Some of her soldiers “woke up” to discover they had no memory of their time in service to the Queen. Some of them entered service in organizations such as Section 2.

Careful observation of such soldiers, however, revealed psychological, almost instinctual, urges and desires regarding relations with the opposite sex. It is speculated that one of the talent soldiers who scattered after the Queen’s death was able to successfully bring about the rebirth of the Queen in a small town to the south-west of Atlanta, GA. Once again, Section 2 operatives and FBI agents worked to quarantine the area and destroy the nascent Queen before she could make it to Atlanta.

She didn’t stay dead for long. Her next re-appearance was on the border between Assam and Bangladesh. While she initially began to spread her talent throughout Lord Yama’s population, she apparently learned from her mistakes and hid herself in Bangladesh. When Yama and Reverend Carpenter apparently neutralized each other, most of her drones and soldiers in Assam died, but she herself survived. In the chaos that swept the world immediately after Yama’s apocalypse, she was left alone to rapidly infect nearly the entire population of Bangladesh. The Bengal river delta is know known to most simply as “The Hive.”

The Queen

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