UN Deadlocked Over Hive

Giles Gowan, Staff Reporter

The UN Security Council once again reached a deadlock in a debate that has raged for three years. On this anniversary of Lord Yama’s Apocalypse many held high hopes for a resolution on how to deal with the Hive, the Talent-infested former nation of Bangladesh. Many governments, including those of China, Russia, India, and others regionally proximate to the infestation, advocate extermination using every weapon, nuclear or conventional, at the world’s disposal. They point out that the Queen’s infestations have been quelled in the past through use of lethal force and argue that the destruction of the Bengal River Delta is a small price to pay for security.

Other nations, including the United States and United Kingdom, point out that the Queen has been killed multiple times before only to somehow reconstitute herself. They point to data indicating that her millions of drones are all effectively dead already, and so long as she continues to contain herself to territory and people already infested, there is little reason to antagonize her. After all, a war of extermination might simply force her to relocate and infest a new area, killing millions more.

The only resolution to come out of these most recent meetings has been to send a small diplomatic force from the United Nations Talent Defense Initiative (UNTDI) to attempt to open a dialogue with the Queen. If her motives and intentions can be more accurately determined, the deadlock may shift and the world may have a better idea of how to deal with this Talent threat.

UN Deadlocked Over Hive

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