United Kingdom

  • Area: 242,534 sq km
  • Capitol: London
  • Population: 50.3m
  • Currency: Pound Sterling
  • GDP: $1,973bn

The United Kingdom’s long history almost came to a close on November 5, 2006 when Dr. Nathaniel Waverly, a well-regarded Talent hyperbrain biologist and epidemiologist released the disease that became known to the popular press as “Hyperflu” in a dozen locations throughout London. At first, the UK believed itself spared the horror of Yama’s Apocalypse. No nuclear devices struck the home islands. The government of Tony Blair prepared to respond to the crisis with humanitarian aid to allied nations. Suddenly, people throughout London began to die in agony.

By the time MI5 and MI7 understood the horror of what had happened, by the time they realized that Dr. Waverly had been granted Lord Yama’s Peace of Death blessing during an undergraduate trip to the Indian subcontinent, it was nearly too late. London was crippled by the hyperflu which was horrifically contagious, showed no symptoms whatsoever during incubation, but then ravaged the victim to death in a matter of hours.

London was declared an emergency quarantine zone, but by then travelers both local and international had begun spreading the disease throughout the UK, and the world. Desperate attempts to capture and interrogate Dr. Waverly failed when his corpse was discovered, a smile upon his face and poison on his lips, apparently pleased to join his god in death.

MI7’s hyperbrain scientists worked desperately for a cure, casting as wide a net as possible amongst their colleagues. The breakthrough came when British Talent Romney Fitch, who could instantly repair and reconstitute broken, damaged, or mostly-destroyed physical objects, was brought to Dr. Waverly’s home where Waverly had burned all his notes and destroyed his computer. Mr. Fitch’s Talent was able to resurrect the notes and computer data which proved invaluable in developing the cure.

Manufacturing and distributing the cure to the hyperflu was a public work of massive scale. British industry ground to a halt as all available resources were redirected to inoculation. Even so, it was too late for nearly the entire population of London, including the Royal family. Only Prince Harry of Wales, who was away on military duties, was spared. The cure’s formula was broadcasted via the internet, radio, and post. The other countries of the world sprang to action and within a year of the initial outbreak, the hyperflu was deemed eradicated.

It took another year for London to be swept of all biological hazards, corpses, and other potential breeding grounds for the hyperflu virus. The city, untouched by violence, and barely damaged by looting, has been slowly resettled since. King Harry of Windsor publicly and with great ceremony, took up residence in Buckingham Palace to show confidence that the fatal disease had been driven from the city. His example, along with that of those surviving and newly elected Ministers of Parliament, has led to London’s slowly increasing population. The legal and bureaucratic tangle of land, home, and business ownership, however, will take decades to untangle.

United Kingdom

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